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  1. YMBAI you decided as a child that you needed to "find" a crush, because everyone else had them, so you just picked the nicest boy/girl in your class and became truly convinced that you actually had a crush on them.
  2. "Are you sure you don't like anyone?" YES. I AM QUITE SURE. THANK YOU.
  3. This. I've generally identified as gray-aromantic ever since I first heard of aromanticism, because I judged from my one previous crush that I had crushes "rarely." However, years have passed since I discovered aromanticism, and I still haven't had any other crushes. I've had one in my entire life - and it was a completely textbook case of a romantic crush - that lasted from when I was about 12 to 14. Now I'm 18 with nothing more having come from it, so even though I have absolutely no idea if I'll have crushes in the future, I think of purely "aromantic" as the best way to describe myself right now.
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