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  1. Happy belated birthday DeMorgan!

  2. I entirely agree, and furthermore believe this principle extends to the proper treatment of all potential relationships. One shouldn't advise a friend to date another, just as they shouldn't advise them to not. People ought to make their own decisions regarding such things whether it is to the pride of their friends or their embarrassment.
  3. That's fine; I don't think any of us would be here if we weren't each to some degree confused. Is your friend never alone? The easiest way to get someone by himself is to wait for everybody else to drift away.
  4. If you wouldn't feel comfortable pulling this person aside to talk about your orientation, coming out to them might not be the best decision. Is there any particular reason you'd want them to know about this, or do you simply like to have everything out there for the world to see? This is a tricky issue around which one must lightly tread.
  5. You're not supposed to comment until I win in 24 hours, silly.
  6. This is a public forum; let's not use that kind of language here. :<
  7. It has been my impression that the community here is incredibly diverse despite being younger than the general population since older people are less likely to contribute to a forum like this. Honestly the only thing that (almost) every contributor has in common is a care for the aromantic community in some way—not even every user is aromantic, though I'd imagine that the majority are. There are no demographic requirements to "belong here", though there might be some social ones: pathologically trolling sensitive threads isn't very conducive to productive discourse. That aside, I hope that you ultimately decide that you do belong here, and I'm sure that the rest of the community does too.
  8. Don't comment on this page for twenty-four hours, please.
  9. I feel that may be the very reason that some people feel squeamish about this: thanks to this article, there is now a huge group of people who may prejudice their future positions about aromanticism solely on what they can remember from this article. There probably won't be any aromantic activism on the same scale as this article for quite some time yet, so it has the potential to cause irreparable damage to the public image of aromantics—there's no point to gaining visibility if it results in the masses considering their aromantic brethren to be sociopathic robots. That said, you probably do have a point regarding the overall tone of the article, as it is not at all shocking that a Cosmopolitan piece would be somewhat sensationalized. It's something that we should nevertheless keep an eye on even despite our lackluster political power just to be ready to combat misinformation if we're ever given the chance. This topic may gain social relevance in the near future, and we should be ready to capitalize on that before less altruistic groups can exploit it for economic gain.
  10. This is still progressing nicely, I see. 1883!
  11. A lot has been happening lately, and it's been a while since I've been here...  But I think I'm back for good this time.  :papo:

    1. Zae


      Hey, welcome back~

  12. While I cannot relate to your precise situation, it has certain themes which I—and perhaps everyone on the non-normative ends of the romantic and sexual spectrums—certainly experience to some degree. I don't think you're alone in your assessment of the world, and it may even be the case that there are even heteroromantic heterosexuals who feel the same way that you do. I won't pretend to be able to offer you a solution to the problem, but instead ask you to remember that not everything is within our power to change; this is one of those things. If you care, take up activism and try to guide society where you want it to go.
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