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  1. I think I am romance indifferent as I am more kind of like "I don't feel romance but I can fake it if need be." So I could do the romance stuff but it wouldn't be genuine.
  2. I get quite a few squishes. Sadly a lot of them are online friends. But the fun thing is to have a squish and also find them sexuality attractive. That is what confused me in the past and why it took me longer to figure out that I was aro. I thought that was a crush for a while. But nah I just wanted them platonically and sexually, just not what you described as a crush. This really does need to be taught though. It would help so many young people.
  3. I do this masturdating more often since I have a car now. It is nice to treat myself to a movie or some new makeup and candy.
  4. Dan and Phil are great! And Marvel is so great. Welcome!
  5. Hello Milo! Same here with the nerdyness. Anime is a great thing. What is your favs? Welcome to Arocalypse!
  6. pearl


  7. pearl

    Hogwarts Houses!

    I'm a Hufflepuff who got Divergent with Amity and Abnegation and I am a child of Demeter!
  8. I have found an arrow ring for not much online. https://www.ameliastardust.nyc/collections/jewelry/products/arrow-ring
  9. You had to lie about having a celebrity crush or having crushes in general.
  10. Lady Ann Molly Chance at your service. Pretty dang good name.
  11. I was raised in a non-denominational church with very religious parents. As in, homosexuality is wrong and sex before marriage is wrong and the Bible is God's word, every bit of it. As for my beliefs, it is up in the air right now. I don't think things like homosexuality is wrong, especially since I am bi. I am fine with sex as long as it is consensual and of age. I don't believe in the whole Bible. As for God and Jesus, I don't know honestly. I have been getting into witchy stuff recently. I think I may just go pagan but I don't know yet. It is all just a big mess right now.
  12. I think Kaylee from Firefly maybe bi aro? She doesn't have much interest in romance and is more interested in the family and in engines. She does have sexual interest in boys and very much appreciates females. Plus she is a cutie.
  13. Coming out? Well I came out to my friends as bi a while ago when I was dating my ex. All of them were cool with it surprisingly. I came out to my brother and I was extremely grateful that he was fine with it. I kinda came out to my friend as in she follows my personal tumblr and saw I was identifying as bi aro. She has been awesome. I told another friend I was aro and she was also cool with it. As for my parents, they know nothing. They are super religious and think homosexuality is wrong and sex should be after marriage and yadda yadda yadda. They love me and they probably would actually still love me even if I came out but I don't know for sure. I am 22 and a legal adult but I am still financially supported by them. So I am waiting until I am moved out to come out. I don't know if I will come out as aro to them because I don't want to explain it and coming out as bi will be hard enough already.
  14. Yep! I am bisexual so a marriage with a boy, girl, or non binary would be okay with me. I just don't want romance. I also really want kids. So yes.
  15. I am excited about this new forum!

    1. DeMorgan


      As am I!

    2. Zae


      Everyone is!

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