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  1. I'm turning 18 in a few weeks
  2. I'm a 'bad' aro because... I don't know whether I experience crushes or squishes or something entirely different I like some aspects of romantic relationships I'm bad at friendships
  3. Kissing is the worst. One time a couple kissed right in front of me and I felt sick for the rest of the day. It's just hard for me to watch...holding hands and hugging is (mostly) okay but everything else just makes me feel miserable. Does anyone know what I can do against it?
  4. I always thought I was picky because whenever I met someone I would always find reasons not to have a crush on them
  5. We talked about "love at first sight" in school recently. I mean we literally spend 30 minutes talking about it and in the end we all "agreed" that it's totally normal to fall in love with someone at first sight but not to really love them...
  6. I don't think I'll ever tell them because they just wouldn't understand it
  7. Exactly, that's why I thought I wanted a boyfriend before I realized I was aro because I thought it's just what people do
  8. What about Carl from The Walking Dead? I know the writers are trying to push Enid and him in a relationship but he doesn't seem to be in love with her
  9. I'm pretty much okay with romance in fiction (because that's what romantic love is to me - fiction) but as soon as I see people kissing each other in real life or hear others talk about love I feel sick
  10. When you hear other people talk about romantic love and you don't understand anything
  11. I will never think of Rey as anything but aroace
  12. I'm reading Romeo and Juliet in class right now so we're constantly talking about romantic love and the way we experience it and honestly it's like hell for me
  13. I used to think I was straight but relationships and romantic love were always an odd concept for me
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