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  1. Bye Bye Birdie has romance in it, but it's really funny because it's the kind that everyone is laughing at instead of saying "awwwww". It's mostly making fun of love in my interpretation.
  2. I don't know binary coddeeee
  3. I would probably just advise the friend to not get their hopes up, and to just talk to the aro person (whom we do not know). Usually every social problem can be talked out? And if it can't idek what do to.
  4. -KNOWING WHAT SQUISHES ARE (because honestly everyone needs to know this term)
  5. Banned for not capitalizing at the beginning of a sentence.
  6. I'm offended that your username only has 2 letters. Letter diversity is important.
  7. I plan on being a lizard dad and living to a ripe old age in the company of all my skinks and geckos.

    1. SamwiseLovesLife


      This sounds like a pretty sweet life tbh

  8. So, last year I had my first crush ever. Yup. Didn't think it would ever happen. It's actually the main reason I was away from arocalypse for so long lmao It lasted for about a year actually, which I think is very long for a crush. Now though, I don't identify as aromantic. I identify as arospec, which a-okay my duders. I guess this is just a reminder that it's okay to be arospec. The aro community includes so much more than aromanticism (lithromantic, grayromantic, demiromantic, etc.) and everyone deserves to feel accepted here. So anyway, the crush is over now and I feel that
  9. Oh hello, remember me? I'm going to put in another introduction post because I've been away so long lol, but I used to be on this site all the time last year and I guess I'm back. Why I am here? Well, I miss y'all, for one, and I've had a few things happen over the course of the year that makes me wonder about what my orientation really is (wondering if I'm ace). That's all really, besides the fact that my hair is different and I was appalled at my profile picture when I logged on lmao
  10. Anybody remember me? Or has it been too long? Idk, I'm back after like a year of being gone

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    2. breaddd


      I'm back anyway, hey there

    3. aihpen


      I remember you too, welcome back, :bread:!

    4. Tal Shi'ar

      Tal Shi'ar

      yeah, I remember your name but can't remember much else

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