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Aro quizzes!!!

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Found some fun 'lil quizzes on Uquiz, tell me your results! 

https://uquiz.com/quiz/cf9MVQ/let-me-take-a-wild-guess-on-what-type-of-aromantic-you-are?ref=sidebar_search_result My results was loveless aro, darn I wanted to be an aro coded villain so bad lol, I even picked the alastor option. Oh well I'm still the affably evil supervillain in my heart 💚 

https://uquiz.com/quiz/6IQNW7/what-kind-of-aromantic-representation-are-you noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i missed aro villain again! I got non-human aro character

https://uquiz.com/quiz/mB0IWY/what-kind-of-aromantic-are-you-based-on-minor-arcana-tarot-suits-wands-cups-s I got swords! "intelligence, logic, ambition, conflict, communication, balance. You are really involved in the fight for your rights. You probably have an aro activism account on social media because you have a strong sense of justice and want to be heard. You hate amatonormativity and want it to stop hurting you and your community."

https://uquiz.com/quiz/Fu6Y2g/which-aromantic-flag-has-your-vibes?ref=sidebar_search_result  I got the lithromantic flag, not lithro but the description checks out and I like the colours, aroallo will always be my fav thought

show me your results


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The first one I got inconclusive though because it said I skipped too much. I think I only skipped two. I'm gonna go ahead with the other ones.


Aromantic representation: Appearance Headcanon Fodder

Tarot Pentacles Keywords : Stability, safety, money, nature, , health, long term, home. You don't know where being aro will lead you, but you own it and make the best of your life anyway. You seek a peaceful future, and I swear to you that you will get it eventually. 

Aromantic flag: Frayromantic You're calm, cool, and collected, and perhaps on the shyer side. You might see Elsa as an aro icon. I don't think I've ever felt frayromantic but sometimes I contemplate the label fraysexual. I don't really find micro labels all that useful though.

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Type of aromantic: Aro coded villain, yesss >:)

Aro representation type: Appearance headcanon fodder, love it. This checks out since I love my headcanons and I love color picked pride flags.

Arcana: Cups, don't really know what this means but cool.

Flag: Arospec flag, I'm happy with this since it's really pretty. "You may be a bit on the darker side, maybe into dark academia, cryptids, or mossy forests."

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I got loveless aro for the first one and for the second one I got non-human the third I got cups which has words like creativity intuition and imagination.The fourth one I got lithromantic.

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First : Voidpunk aro... I did 't know the label but it sounds great

Second : Never shown... Well, I go back in the cupboard

Third : Cups... Apparently "Keywords : emotions, subconscious, creativity, intuition, relations, imagination. You are really focused on your feelings, and on whether you would love to be in a relationship or not. To you, being aro is a way to see your relationships in a way society isn't used to. And it's cool ! You don't have to be put in a box !" Sounds great to me

Fourth : Aroallo... I don't get why but I liked the description with it : "You're sunny, bright, strong, and confident. You have a lot of pride in your identity and aren't afraid to speak about it"

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Type of aro: Nonhuman/alterhuman aro (true!)

Aro rep: Appearance headcanon fodder (why did these questions read like a quiz I'd take in 2008? 😂)

Aro tarot: Pentacles. "You don't know where being aro will lead you, but you own it and make the best of your life anyway." I like this ^^

Aro flag: Aromantic


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Type: Loveless aro

Representation: Never Shown

Tarot: Pentacles - very accurate :-)

Flag: Lithromantic / Akoiromantic - I like the colours of the flag, it's pretty :-)

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