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Aro quizzes!!!

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1st: Amatopunk aro | I'll actually need to look more into that because it sounds really interesting, though I think I'm more of a lovepunk aro

2nd: Aroace only | I'm aroallo but that's still a cool result!

3rdSwords | I never saw myself as very logical and balanced but those qualities are what I seek more of to attain so I guess that works

4thAromantic flag | "homebody" "likes things that are familiar" sounds like me!

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1: Aromantic-coded villain. (Let’s be honest these guys are the best. PICK ALASTOR OR YOU’RE REMAINS WILL BE FOUND ON 5 DIFFERENT MOONS OF SATURN. 😈)

2: Never Shown.

3: Wands.

4: Aromantic.

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oo these are always fun.

first: voidpunk aro. never knew what that meant but it sounds dope so hell yeah i'll embrace it.

second: non-human, also pretty rad.

third: wands, pretty accurate.

fourth: aroallo flag. that's me except i wouldn't exactly say i'm "sunny, bright, strong, and confident" lmao.

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1st: nonhuman aro

2nd: nonhuman AGAIN, lol. i mean, i guess i am a catboy, but i wouldn't consider myself otherkin, i don't think??

3rd: cups

4th: aromantic :D yay!

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I took the quizzes, and my results were pretty interesting! For the first one, I got "Aro Coded Villain," which is kind of cool! I didn't expect that, but hey, I'll take it.
On the second quiz, I ended up with "Non-Human Aro Character," which is pretty unique. I guess I've got some mystical vibes going on!
The third quiz pegged me as a "Swords Aro," which I can totally see. I do believe in fighting for what's right and standing up against amatonormativity.
Also, I've recently become more into tarot readings and found some interesting spreads at https://moretarot.com/tarot-spreads

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Nonhuman Aro

Yeah, pretty accurate.

Actually Aromantic

I mean, its true.


I am an activist (irl at least), I do want to cut amatanormativity down with a sword, so, pretty cool.


Not accurate in orientation, but somewhat accurate in description I guess.

Dusk Aromantic

Ima be honest, I took the test a few times to see if any results matched remotely, but they didn't really, so about as accurate as this test gets.

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1. Excuse me, I hit skip twice. It's not my fault you didn't give the right options. I did it again, and didn't choose so much skip.
Aromantic coded villain: Queer-coded villain pride is about reclaiming the idea that queer people are inherently evil and bad people by embracing the idea of being a villain. Aromantic villains are amazing, I love you guys!

I do like the idea of pushing back against the attitudes that being queer is a bad thing.

2. Aromantic Villain </3
Wow we've got to show that THIS GUY is EVIL AS HECK, and we can do it by showing that they don't feel love! Good thing that there aren't any people in the audience who might hate that! everybody wants lovvvveeeeeee (no they don't)

I've got to say, I love this summary. Screw you, 'phobes, take that kind of loving.

3. Swords
Keywords : intelligence, logic, ambition, conflict, communication, balance. You are really involved in the fight for your rights. You probably have an aro activism account on social media because you have a strong sense of justice and want to be heard. You hate amatonormativity and want it to stop hurting you and your community.

I don't feel like a aromantic-rights warrior. I haven't even written an aro story, even though I've been meaning too.

4. Arospec
You may be a bit on the darker side, maybe into dark academia, cryptids, or mossy forests. Maybe you prefer to have your nose in a book or doing your own crafts (Your "correct" answer from the song question: https://open.spotify.com/track/1yYnsciETqJyZit30x7agr?si=c38c6751a89245cc)

Sure. I like trees and books and crafts. (I don't know any of the songs from the list, and I wasn't going to bother looking them up. I made my selection by shutting my eyes and poking my mousepad at random. I didn't bother checking out what the "correct" song was supposed to be.)


5. Noon Aromantic

How, how, how, did I get noon? Bright? Energetic? Lively? Glass half full? Outspoken? Extroverted? Vibrant? Loyal? Friends? I am none of those things. This quiz is backwards, I specifically clicked on the options pessimistic and introverted and quiet. The world needs to shut up.

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1. Voidpunk aro. Yeah, I like voidpunk as a concept.

2. Nonhuman. I can relate to this, I don't always feel human, or human "enough."

3. Cups. It says I am focused on my feelings, which I often am. It also says I think about relationships, which I don't really?

4. Aromantic. Loyal, sure. Dependable? Maybe not, I tend to cancel plans often, but when a friend needs me I can be there. I definitely find familiarity comforting and am very much a homebody.

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I did every quiz twice.

1. nonhuman aro/amatopunk aro - I feel both seen and attacked /j

2. appearance headcannon fodder/never shown - I can vibe with that tbh

3. pentacles/swords - ditto

4. arospec x2 - honestly I like this colour combination, I also do like crafts and forests

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  • aro coded villian (accurate, thought i would get loveless tbh)
  • never shown (accurate)
  • swords (sure idk)
  • aromantic (accurate but not sure abt the description)


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