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    agenderflux, cis-genderless
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  1. I'm grey-aro, but I just call myself straight up aromantic most of the time.
  2. I have OCD tendencies, which means in regards to doubts that they tend to stick around, cause significant anxiety, and I ruminate over them heavily. At least, before meds got my symptoms under more control. Questioning is completely normal, but if you find you're going round in circles constantly, you have to learn to live with the uncertainty.
  3. I'm autistic as well. Studies have shown that autistic people are disproportionately likely to identify as LGBTQ, and there are theories for why that is. But so far as I know, nothing conclusive. It could be because we care less about fitting in overall, or it could be something in our brains or DNA. Aromanticism is usually defined as not experiencing romantic attraction. But pinpointing what that is, is kinda hard. It's an emotional experience, and emotions can be very subtle. I identify as (dark grey) aromantic because I have no interest in dating anyone at all ever. But some aromantic people do want to date and just don't feel the special feelings. There are different kinds of attraction besides romantic or sexual, as well. Sensual, aesthetic, platonic, etc.
  4. Currently have Poison from Hazbin Hotel on loop
  5. I saw a post that was joking like "always remember that the reason you're single is because you like Dragon Ball and if you didn't like Dragon Ball you could have whoever you want" In similar jokey fashion, I reblogged with a "thank goodness! Dragon Ball fan for life!"
  6. I'm offended that you agree w them and not me
  7. I think I was 20, maybe 19 when I first learned about asexuality and subsequently, aromanticism. I didn't comfortably identify as either until 25+ though.
  8. If you think agender describes your experience with gender, then you're agender. There's also a lesser-known label used on AVEN called cis-genderless, where you're basically agender but associate with your AGAB bc..... why not. But it's always your own decision how you want to label it.
  9. Sounds similar to my experience. I'm fine being perceived as female, prefer non-gendered at all but don't think society will ever accept that so I just settle for being seen as a woman. I actively dislike being seen as a man or male in any way. I go by agender or demigirl.
  10. Collie


    Yes, squishes can be intense.
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