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  1. I'm not objectum myself but I've been aware of it for a long time and am a supporter. You should be free to talk about it here and if someone gives you shit, it's their problem tbh.
  2. I think some orientations have clothes/accessories that are associated with them, but not really whole styles And my aromanticism doesn't affect my dress. I like dressing up and looking nice (and impressing/intriguing people, just not romantically) but I also don't have much time to get ready in the mornings and my workplace has a casual-to-business-casual dress code. Love me some slacks and cardigans. I used to have a more "flow-y" aesthetic with fun skirts but am a bit burnt out on it rn. Usually when I'm running errands I'm just in jeans and a hoodie 😅 But I'd really like to muster up the energy to put on a nice outfit and accessories and colorful makeup even for simple stuff like that.
  3. Absgender and isogender are good, they might be the closest modalities that fit me (I like "cistrans" too.) Sometimes I do lean more towards cis though, since I predominantly present as my AGAB and still have a strong connection to it. I'm glad that modalities other than cis and trans are starting to get more recognition because for a long time I felt confused about having to be one or the other. But IMO they aren't mutually exclusive :3 Absgender is a gender modality, it's on the same "level" as cis or trans.
  4. I don't like tiktok, I think it has a lot of issues, but I think the bigger issue is how the government (state or federal) can just decide what apps to ban. Right now it's because of data security, but what about in the future? Plus credit card companies are already getting to decide what content is and isn't allowed on different platforms- these two things put together don't paint a very good picture.
  5. I'm... neither :v I'm neu aro and don't really label my sexuality
  6. Good advice! I'm 26 myself and was aware of aromanticism when I was 13, and knew about things like asexuality a bit earlier. But I agree age demographics are starting to skew younger, and not just irt aromantic spaces. I think it has to do with a few things Increased awareness of different identities/orientations/etc A push away from social media and towards things like personal websites and forums (not like a mass exodus, but more younger people being interested in these things) Older members having gotten all their thoughts out, made all the posts they can think of, giving the advice they have, and then becoming less active for various reasons (life, moving towards more private spaces or friend groups, etc) I've noticed this in other communities as well, and I can think of a few instances where I've been the young person moving in to "replace" older members who'd left
  7. Yeah, picking someone at random won't help. If you aren't already interested in this person then going on a date isn't going to help you "test" whether or not you feel attraction.
  8. I'm otherkin and fictionhearted 😺
  9. I was super into OFF back in high school! It was experiencing a bit of a heyday around that time. I'm a bit nostalgic for it. I really liked the character designs and the music.
  10. It's true that the "queer" in queerplatonic refers to the nature of the relationship rather than the identities of the people in it. And while some people consider queer to be a slur, a lot of others have reclaimed it and dislike the notion that queer is inherently a slur or that it should be censored. Personally I would describe myself as queer but I understand why others don't like the word; it's just a divisive topic. "Quasiplatonic" is an alternative for those who don't want to use "queer" for one reason or another. But I don't think that this should replace queerplatonic (or at least, I don't have strong feelings one way or another). The "only lgbtqa+ people can use 'queer'" argument comes from how the word has been used to hurt lgbtqa+ people, however in this case I think it's fine if cis-het-allo call their relationships queerplatonic. I think it's important to bring more awareness to these types of relationships overall. Some of the earliest definitions of queerplatonic that I remember reading specifically stated that you don't have to be queer to be in one.
  11. Personally I don't care about whether AI art is "real" or not. I think the more important argument is how it's being used. AI has the potential to be a useful tool, but when people try to use it to replace artists it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. And when people use AI that's been trained on people's art without their consent. And when people flood literary magazines with AI generated works because they assume it's easy to craft a story, and are looking for a shortcut to success in a creative field. It makes me apprehensive of the future.
  12. I have generalized anxiety and ??? who knows what else tbh. I've had some weird symptoms and brain stuff that arent thaaaat typical for anxiety but idk what else it could be. I also think I have ASD traits but I don't think that I'm autistic, or at least I don't connect to the label.
  13. The type of attraction doesn't depend on who it's directed at. Could be a squish, crush, sexual, etc. Having a crush on a celebrity doesn't necessarily mean you aren't aro. Celebrities are unattainable which can make them "safe" and/or puts them on like... a different axis of attraction.
  14. This thread is so nice, thank you for the shoutout 😺 I'm glad you like the expressions; I've been trying to work on making my characters more expressive so I really appreciate the comment ^^ And I would've forgotten that today was Cat's birthday if you hadn't said anything lol. Happy bday Cat!
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