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What made you question(?) if you were aromantic?


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reading a book called loveless because my school librarian recommended it(she was cool aF), and there was this page where the word aromantic was used. asexual was used too, but that one was something I knew about, so I skimmed it. But Aromantic, I had never heard that word. well, as the book went on it explained the word more. and I just felt so...in place with this word. Also with the book in general, but that word just felt right, and I couldn't explain it. and now, a year later, I'm here. still thinking about it and reading that book over and over again, and still not sure, but feeling better when I use that word for myself.

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When I realized I was asexual in the beginning of middle school I remember seeing aromantic and thinking that it was absolutely not me. I didn't have a reason to think I wasn't, I just irrationally disliked the idea (probably some underlying issues with amatonormativity honestly). I thought that my having always picked out a crush was a sign of being asexual and didn't question it further.

When a friend had a crush on me in middle school I felt extremely panicked and didn't know why, but I never really questioned why I was freaked out at the time either. Later, in junior year of high school I started going out with a guy I really did not want to go out with because I thought I had to give dating a try, and that's when I really started considering that maybe I am actually aromantic. I didn't get why I was so freaked out by him having a crush on me and I finally started researching and gradually accepted it. Within the year I grew to love the identity wholly.

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When my friends were all talking about crushes and I said I'd never had a crush in my life (and wasn't interested in having one), then one of my friends said "maybe you're aromantic". A few internet searches later, I realised I fit exactly into the descriptions of aromanticism. It felt like I'd unlocked a whole other part of me I had no idea about lol, it just felt so right.

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I have never needed to "be in love" or "be in relationship". But sometimes I was like *Why not?*. When somebody asked me about future, I imagined myself alone in my own flat/house with cat/dog. And it came true, I live alone with a cat😀

I don't like romantic movies/stories because it's boring for me.

I was in relationship but I didn't need to do "romantic things" and I said "I love you" to him just because he wanted to hear it😄

I love and enjoy being single.

That's why I'm asking if I'm aro or not🫠

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