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  1. I don't know if there is a term for that but I'm fine with both polyam and monogamous QPRs. Currently I'm in a monogamous one, for now. Maybe our relationship will became an open one in the future, you never know. But now we both are happy as it is.
  2. Hello, nice to meet you. Welcome to our forum! I'm 18 years old pan-oriented aroace guy. I also like skateboarding and anime (:
  3. Oh, so our tastes aren't that different. I love Led Zeppelin and Metallica! Metal and rock music is often more interesting than pop music. I think that pop music focuses on romance more often than rock, punkrock or metal music.
  4. Yeah, I know that one from Bruno Mars! I like the lyrics, I'm not a huge fan of his music though. I usually only listen to rock, old punk rock or metal music. Sometimes anime openings (especially those from Attack On Titan, they are awesome), that's all I guess.
  5. Ikr?? Like, I've been listening to "Best friend" by Queen and I thought that it was just a platonic song to show affection to your good friend. It turned out that it was actually romantically coded.
  6. Well, I am in a QPR. Me and my partner often tell eachother "I love you". I also say "I love you" a lot to my friends. I really like saying it because I'm sure these people know I mean it in a platonic/alterous way.
  7. Well, I'm not agender but I'm a trans man. I feel very connected with being aromantic and asexual. But I don't really think that me being transgender is an important part of my identity. I would rather live in stealth mode, I just don't feel the need to tell people that I'm trans and I'm definitely not one of those trans people who are really proud of being trans and buy trans pride merch. Most people think that I'm cis because I want to be seen as such and I don't go to a pride parade with a trans flag. I'm just not really connected to being transgender but I feel a huge connection with being aro and ace (especially aro, it's the most important part of my identity to me). I have a plenty of aro and ace pride merch because I'm proud to be aroace. I don't care about me being trans tho, I just don't see this as a big deal.
  8. Welcome to our forum! If you want to know something more about types of attraction, aspec terms, signs of being aro/ace or aromanticism and asexuality in general, don't be afraid to ask! We will gladly help you figure yourself out.
  9. I proposed to my (queerplatonic) partner on their birthday (30th of May) and they said yes. So I guess I can say we're now officially engaged! 

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  10. I mean, what's your relation with romance? Personally I think I'm romance indifferent - I don't feel very repulsed by romantic things and I don't feel anything at all when I kiss people or call them pet names. I just don't feel anything, neither good or bad. However, my opinion about romance in media changes over time. Sometimes I'm just so fucking tired of useless romance forced into the movie. I call it "romance tired". On the other hand, I love some romantic ships and I love shipping characters in shows/books (I ship them both in romantic and (queer)platonic ways). So when it comes to romance in media I'm just changing between romance tired and romance positive all the time. It's sometimes frustrating. When it comes to real life romance, I'm indifferent almost all the time. Sometimes I have those days when I think that maybe I'm missing out and I start to have a mental breakdown wondering how does romantic attraction feel. But those days are really rare, I had maybe a week of those in this whole year. Otherwise I'm a proud romance indifferent aromantic guy. So basically irl I'm romance indifferent, I just don't care. When it comes to media, sometimes I'm tired of romance and sometimes I enjoy it (I don't really like romance comedies or any movies focused purely on romance simply because I find them boring, I have a few exceptions tho. But I like to ship characters when I think that they suit eachother. I don't like when movies force romance into the plot without a reason though, because it's often between characters whose relationship just doesn't make sense to me and I would rather see them as friends or even enemies because I don't ship them at all). What's your opinion on romance? Are you positive, indifferent, repulsed, complicated or just tired?
  11. Not yet, but I actually plan on having one! I will definitely sell my merch online, probably after this pride month. For now I'm just selling those in public places in my country, actually many people are buying those which I didn't expect to happen at all lol If I ever start an actual online shop, I will definitely make a post about it here, so you won't miss out on it, I promise!
  12. Just the title - happy pride month y'all! It will be my first pride month when I am 100% sure of my sexuality (pan-oriented aroace). Also, I'm getting an aromantic pride flag tomorrow! I'm going to celebrate pride month together with my QPP. We both make pride merch (I make bracelets and necklaces in flag's colors, they make pronoun/flag pins and earrings) in our free time. We will definitely spread awarness that arospec and acespec people exist and are valid so the society will get educated more about this topic, also the younger aros/aces won't have to give a vocab quiz everytime someone asks about their romantic/sexual orientation. I want younger arospec/acespec people to feel validated because other people were often invalidating my sexuality and I don't want that to happen to others (especially baby aros/aces). Again, I love all of you <3 (no romo tho)
  13. Hello, Bellum! Nice to meet you and welcome to our forum (:
  14. Alexander

    The Future

    I think I want to move out with my QPP and adopt a bunch of cats together. I would also love to have a kid but I don't know if it's even possible because my partner hates children (but maybe they will change their mind, you never know). Maybe we could also get married for tax benefits. I think that's pretty much it.
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