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  1. Sure! However I'm kinda busy rn, so I'll probably won't do it right away. I am still in school and there is too much going on all at once. I'll make sure to message you later, like in a week or few! I shouldn't even be here now, since I have an assigment to do (':
  2. thanks! I'll check it out (the group) for sure
  3. Woah, you're from Poland? Me too! I only know three people on ace spectrum from my country, and none od them are on the aro spectrum. I also don't know a lot of nonbinary people, I only have four close friends who are enby. Nice to see another aroace from my country! oh, and you also love cats. and you even have wattpad! I have it too, I like to write in my free time.
  4. Big thanks to all of you, I decided to tell them! I hope we will be able to sort things out. Maybe we'll get into QPR and maybe not. I won't know if I don't try. Wish me luck! 🙂 Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that! I hope you'll be okay :(( I'm sure you will find a perfect QPP one day if you want one. Keep hopes up! You never know.
  5. Hello there. Well, this is my first post. I am Alexander - a 18 years old, aroace (pan-oriented) man. I have a queer platonic crush on one of my best friends. Their name is Rainn. They're nonbinary, demisexual and 16 years old. They are currently questioning their romantic orientation, however they think they're probably attracted to women and overall feminity. So I doubt the option that they could fall for me. We had known each other for a few years now (I was about 11 and thet were around 9 when we first met). You could say that we're childhood friends. I had a huge squish on them back then.
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