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  1. I did before I realize I was aro, when I was trying to prove I could be "normal". Nowadays I generally dislike shipping unless it's purely sexual.
  2. What is anything but a complex cocktail of brain chemicals that compel us to do things?
  3. Yup. I prefer goth, punk, and lolita (mainly gothic or classic) fashion myself. I do a fair amount of DIY too.
  4. Oh man, I've got a lot of games on my plate right now... In general I'm really into Devil May Cry right now, so I'm currently doing an all-Nevan run of DMC3, DMC4 on Heaven or Hell, and DMC5 Vergil mode. But aside from DMC, I'm also currently playing Bayonetta, Castlevania (the original), and the first Ace Attorney trilogy. I've also occasionally been playing Duel Links, Arknights, and Guilty Gear XX Accent Core +R or Xrd Revelator.
  5. Does the person know what aromantic is? If not, I'd say it's a reasonable term to come up with on their own, without knowing better. If they do know what it means... 🔪
  6. Ayyy, I'm into EGL too! Greetings!
  7. Cause I don't wanna marry em, I wanna fuck em. That's about the only way I can put it really.
  8. What the hell punks have you been talking to that don’t like small incremental improvements? I mean yeah, we’d all like to pull out the guillotines and get this shit over and done with, but in the meantime... Anything’s better than nothing, yknow? We have to celebrate the small victories if we’re going to survive with some semblance of mental health remaining. That being said, on the other topic, cultural appropriation is absolutely a real issue and it’s absolutely something any halfway decent punk should be against. Yeah, there are still some who do it and that’s fucked up, but I hate tho
  9. Well, are you calling yourself punk while wearing certain fashions or listening to certain musical styles, without subscribing to a philosophy of social justice and mutual aid? Cause if not... Sounds like those guys don't actually know what poser means. Probably they're the posers. Also, I would really appreciate it if you would stop posting condescending memes while I'm trying to explain to you something important to me.
  10. Eh, I wouldn't really call sex a need, tbh... And I think there's a lot of reasons people go through a lot of romantic relationships in a short span of time.
  11. Anything’s fashionable if you don’t give a shit about silly societal standards about aesthetic. I for one think multiple rings look kickass. The more the better!
  12. We already do, lol. White ring on the left middle finger.
  13. Yup, you could definitely be aro. Ultimately it's up to you- You know yourself best, and only you can choose what labels help define your identity. But I will say that aromantics can enjoy both friendship, and sex, without necessarily involving romance in either. I'm like that, so you're certainly not alone.
  14. There's some douchey punks out there, yeah, and I'm sorry you had to deal with that, but overall that's NOT what punk is about. As a queer, disabled, ethnic minority punk myself, those kinds of people disgust me. The core tenant of punk is "sticking it to the man", or in more specific terms, standing up against societal oppression. Being punk means supporting the beaten down, standing up for those no one else will stand up for, and fighting for your rights. It's a movement that was started by young, oppressed members of the working class who were tired of being treated like garbage, and t
  15. Mostly the video. I'm the second generation of punk in my family and I make it a matter of principle to know my history and stay true to the philosophy (i.e. social justice), and I also try to stay aware of native issues- One of my close friends is a kanien'keha:ka punk, in fact. So to imply that these two parts of my values are at odds, and that I know nothing of my own history, with a cheeky video telling me I don't even know what the word means... I did not enjoy that.
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