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  1. You've only been dating this dude for a year? Yeah, I would not do that. Unless there's something seriously messed up about your home life and you need to get out, I wouldn't do something like that. A year isn't a long time to get to know someone at all.
  2. I'd say yes. If the desire is targeted towards specific people and not just like, the concept of being in a relationship, that would generally be considered attraction.
  3. Will the app be inclusive of allosexual aromantics who may be looking for sexual relationships with other aros?
  4. Goth, punk, a little bit of metal, and of course lolita. Though really they're all less "aesthetics" and more subcultures tbh. I'm not into any of them just for the looks, I participate in the philosophy as well.
  5. I mean, the solution is pretty clear, isn't it? If what you're talking about is Christian ideals about sex before marriage, then obviously you're excluded from those values by default. It's not sex "before" marriage if you never get married. Though I gotta say I'm a little confused on what you mean by "traditional cultural/religious background". Those can vary quite a bit... In my religion there really isn't anything saying you can't have casual sex.
  6. Yeah, of course. Far easier than dealing with the harassment and invalidation I'd deal with otherwise. I don't do it often but I'll do it if it gets people to shut up.
  7. Yes, it is important to me. As an aromantic person, I'm generally assumed to be asexual. I am not asexual, and calling myself allosexual allows me to convey that. Why should I call myself "non-asexual"? Why do I need to define my sexuality around asexuality? Plus, frankly, the argument that allosexual is a bad term because (insert reason here) originated with aphobes/exclusionists who wanted to take away the language ace people use to describe their experiences- You can even still find it used "ironically" by aphobes to this day. For YEARS the ace community fought to convince people that "allosexual" is not a dirty word. I find it extremely telling that only once allo aros started using the term to refer to ourselves, suddenly all these aces think it's a term that shouldn't be used anymore... They're just doing the same thing. People see a group they don't like use words that are relevant to them, they decide to take those words away to prevent them from talking about their experiences. This happened to aces, they fought against it along with their allies, and now they're turning around and doing the exact same thing to allo aros because they don't like us. That's all it is.
  8. If you think any kind of intimate relationship has to be romantic, all I can say is: Sorry about the internalized amatonormativity bro, get better soon. (Also might wanna work on the ableism with that “triggered” comment, but hey, one thing at a time.)
  9. Believe it or not, we all do, in a very legal sense. Aromantics are NOT protected under the Equality Act due to its phrasing, and it can be extra difficult to get housing, etc. without a partner. Plus you can't share insurance benefits or certain medical rights with people who aren't your married partner. And asexuality is still considered a mental illness in some places, with some people even being subjected to conversion therapy because of it. Even if people might not walk around calling aspecs slurs on the street, the system is rigged against us and we have no legal protections. At least here in the U.S., anyway.
  10. I definitely identify as queer, and not just because I'm bisexual. Being aro is pretty damn far from the norm in a romance-centric world. (And yes, since you mentioned it, I'm definitely cis- I've put a lot of thought into my gender and I am very much a woman, which coincidentally happens to align with my agab.)
  11. He thinks there's only two genders because he only has two brain cells.
  12. Alright, listen. Ya gotta learn to assert yourself. I've seen a lot of shit in my 23 years as a neurodivergent aro, and the biggest thing I've learned is that you have to speak up for yourself, because keeping quiet when something's bothering you just creates a festering wound that won't get better. Assert your boundaries. Nobody will stop doing something that makes you uncomfortable if they don't know that it does- And if they suspect, they still probably won't until you explicitly tell them to stop. If your friend's behavior makes you uncomfortable, TELL HIM. Tell xem in no uncertain terms, "Hey, I'm sorry but I really don't want a QPR myself, and it makes me uncomfortable when you say these sorts of things" etc., or however you want to communicate your feelings, you know. Just be up front with it. If they still don't stop? Ditch 'em. Good friends respect their friends' boundaries when they've been established, and if this pal of yours won't, then he's a bad friend, plain and simple.
  13. That's me baybeeeeee!! No romo yes homo! I'm sexually attracted to any gender, but romantically attracted to none.
  14. I love how she had no idea what aromanticism was and then immediately went and complained about aros like she's met a ton of them lmao... ok Sounds like she needs to get it together, cause if her emotional state is that dependent on someone she's barely talked to dating her or not... That's not healthy. And either way it sure the fuck ain't your problem. To her I say, get well soon asshole 👋
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