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  1. Kind of new for me as well but I think you're doing fine!
  2. In fact, I do meet people on the aromantic spectrum. It seems like the aro-ace combination (or around those lines) is common in our aro community. Which make sense I guess. Also, most of them are female. In fact, it would be interesting to see what the proportion of male vs female vs any other is on Apocalypse! I would enjoy meeting another male like me (aro-hetero), just you know, to talk and exchange!
  3. Hi all, I identify myself as aromantic and heterosexual. That's what I am in general. I'm 47 and never been in a relationship with anyone. I found out about aromantism over the last year and since then, I regularly attend asexual meetings in my area. Romantically speaking, I don't think I'm anything else than aromantic but sexually speaking, I may be graysexual or something along those lines. I think my libido level is pretty low and I would never be willing to sleep with anyone unless there is some sort of connection between us, platonic I guess. I enjoy to come in here, it’s fun reading you folks, have a nice day y’all!
  4. This is so fun reading you folks, I relate so much!
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