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  1. so, there's been a lot of discourse on twitter around people identifying as a "bi lesbian" or a "pan lesbian" and on one side people are saying bi/pan lesbians are harmful to bis, pans, and lesbians, and on the other side people are saying bi/pan lesbians aren't harmful. and the problem is, i'm close to people on both sides, so if i take one side, i lose people on the other side, and i don't want to get dragged into this discourse, and i don't want to have to lose people over this discourse, but i have people on one side, dming me about following someone, who is on the other side, and vise ver
  2. i have an asexual and aromantic flag.
  3. hello, everyone!!

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      Hello, you've created a status update. Wohooo! :D

    2. Alexisaromantic
  4. how do i post a status update?
  5. i headcannon: merida from brave: aroace elsa from frozen: aro lesbian
  6. Hi, my name is Alex, and I just found out about arocalypse yesterday and I just joined today.
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