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  1. My university lecturer is talking about milestones in life: “falling in love, marriage, the first kid, kids move out, death” umm well
  2. Hey i just want to open a thread, where we can share all the euphoria or the good moments aromanticism gives us. Whether it are specific moments or just general feelings. just forget about the bad ones for a moment and start a thread full of luck and happiness :) for example; the more I think about amatonormativity the more I consider it as a harmful concept; not only for aros but for allos too!! So, sometimes I am just happy that I can live beside those amatonormative rules and that my pure existence proves amatonormativity wrong. It just gives me euphoria bc I fe
  3. LOL I was switching from aven to arocalypse and I just thought that I would be still on aven. So I was seeing this thread an just clicking on it bc I thought “o maybe you can repost some answers in the arocalypse forum!” yeah well I’m going to bed.
  4. Just because being asexual is fundamental different from heteronormativity (which in fact means heterosexuality*); aces (even heteroromantics) have fundamental different experiences, struggles, fights than heterosexuals. Heterosexuals can not completely understand asexuals, the same way asexuals can not completely understand heterosexuals Aces don’t fill the “norm” which is “man and woman feel attracted to each other and have sex BECAUSE they are sexual ATTRACTED to each other. being accepted in lgbtqia+ is not a competition of “who gets more discriminated”. It‘s not „oh I join the
  5. I am aro and ace. I did some research and discovered the term asexual in 2015, when I was 15. I felt immediately like this would describe me, but I refused and it took me 5-6 more years to accept that I am ace. Only after I accepted it (when I was 20 yo) I started to think about aromanticism. Here it was harder for me to see myself as aromantic, bc I think it’s more easy to understand that you don’t feel sexual attraction than to realise that never being in love has another reason than just “haven’t found the right person yet”. Another big point in making it harder to understand* aromanticism
  6. Here you go: In the summer of 2014 Moses began work on his debut album and stumbled on a term that resonated with the way he’d been feeling. Aromantic: someone who doesn’t experience romantic attraction. “I was doing some self-diagnosis type shit,” he says with a grin. “I was wondering why every time I dated someone it felt a bit hollow. I’d have these really intense… not relationships... but things, where I cared deeply for someone, but always felt like there was one last piece missing: being in love. I started to wonder what love even means?”
  7. @InvisibleSquid I never was on Reddit so unfortunately i can’t help you but this sounds like my social media problem in general; I know a lot of people who tell me how they met someone on a Forum/Instagram/Twitter/whatever who is now their best friend. And I just don’t get it. HOW. HOW does this work? Lol I’m totally not a shy person, when I’m in a room with someone I don’t know I just start to talk to them, but I have no idea how this works online so, when you solve the Reddit problem please let me know, I’d love to try it out😅
  8. I don’t know if you did in it purpose but you have the question “saying “I love you” to a family member” and then “saying “I love you” to a close friend or family member” and I didn’t really know how to value my close friends and my family in this question bc I would give different answers for those two groups
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