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Aplatonic Aros

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On 4/25/2023 at 10:32 AM, Picklethewickle said:

I'm aplatonic. I can find people interesting and likable, but I don't feel a need to bond with someone as a friend. Friendships can be nice in small doses, but overall maintaining a friendship is a lot of work and can be more burdensome than anything. I very much prefer casual acquaintances and communicating with people through the internet over pyhsically getting together and spending time with people. I've also noticed that I don't find the end of friendships painful. I've seen many other people grieve the end of a friendship, but to me these kind of life changes are healthy, normal, and easy to accept.

I'd say this is quite similar to my experience. I do have friends, yes, but only a couple and I don't need to spend that much time with them. Luckily, all the friends I have work at the same job as I do, so I can see them there. So, I'd describe myself as aplatonic (at least partly so). I'd agree that maintaining friendships is work, and because of that, overbearing personalities wouldn't make great friends for me.

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Sometimes I wonder if I may be on the spectrum of aplatonicism, in the fact that I don't experience lot's of platonic attraction in making new friends (though I do experience it), more or less I may make a new friend only because calling them a friend or such is what's expected, or sometimes I don't mind them wanting to become friends with me.

I do experience wanting a closeness, platonically, with people, but more often than not I feel that lack of interest/desire or attraction in forming deeper and/or newer platonic relations.

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