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  2. i mostly perceive amatonormativity in regards to the expectation that two people who interact of the perceived opposite gender must have feelings for each other. this is mostly due to my own experiences in which anyone of the perceived opposite gender as me is seen as a potential partner for me by most people. this view is harmful to both aspecs and allos. as mentioned above, amatonormativity is also a problem in most forms of media, setting the expectation that in order to have a “happy ending” you must have a partner. for characters in media that tackles or oppose this idea, some good examples are georgia warr in loveless, lilith clawthorne in toh, ritsu in mp1, etc. hope this helps
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    when it’s more or less permanent, aka from most natural elements
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    most likely due to the internet ppl r finding out abt aromanticism at younger ages, and the ppl on here r getting jobs and stuff, or just feel like they don't need to b on here as often anymore
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    reminder that today (june 5th) is aro visibility day
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