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Aplatonic Aros


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So, I'm still questioning if I'm aplatonic(spec), and most of what I said earlier on this topic is still true. I have friends and I care about them deeply, but I don't have a desire necessarily to form new friends; I often let new people continue and maintain platonic contact with me at the start of knowing them, and usually that's kind of how I form new friendships. I found that I just have been growing more and more uninterested in making these new friendships, despite still liking meeting new people? People who I have known for quite a while, or a long time, I'll still maintain my own end of contact and routine, though it can feel like a contract of some kind sometimes, but it usually doesn't bother me as bad with the people I've known for a time. It's rare for me to want to suddenly be the person wanting to uphold a friendship via constantly texting, making up plans, or checkin' in on them when the relationship is fairly new, but it still happens from time to time. I guess that would be when I am experiencing platonic attraction. I'm a loveless aro and often completely remove myself from any kind of love rather radically, and so don't base my aromantic identity around experiencing platonic feelings or loving my family, even if those things could technically be applied to me.

Someone stated how they weren't a pet person, and I'm the same way. Truly? All I want is a cactus (I had succulents but they kind of died on me 🥲), and not an animal I have to constantly pay attention to; like cats, dogs, rodents, or birds. I do often gravitate towards creatures that people advise to not pay any physical attention to at all (other than feeding them and cleaning up after them), like tarantulas, snakes, and fish. But, I usually just have a mild interest in them that quickly fades away.

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I am currently questioning being on the aplatonic spectrum and lots of things in my life start to finally make sense. I discovered the term "amical" (which is a subtype of platonic but I think it can be its own thing) just today and it perfectly describes my relationship with my... well I refuse to call him "friend" - he's like a bro to me... Actually I like to think that "amical" may be a platonic/familial mirror of "alterous", but I might be wrong.
I'm questioning being frayplatonic because of how I got over my plush (queerplatonic crush) after interacting with him for a longer time, and also how I've come to terms that I actually do not know any of my high school friends that much - that they are strangers to me, that I cannot call "best friend" any of them and none of them can call me like that, and that I am genuinely happy that two of them are getting married soon and that they will have their own life.
I'm questioning being apl-vague because of how my attempts to maintain friendships are just urges to infodump on people, and also how the way of my neurodivergence might be able to influence my abilities to maintain real-life relationships (for example how I imagine interactions with people I don't meet everyday and how they are enough for me).

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