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I'm just looking to learn some new things, what wierd and wonderful things are you interested in or learning about at the moment.

I've got a couple, although quick content warning, this does involve a bit of sex especially if you look it up.

As for me, I have stumbled upon the topic of sexually active popes.

The short is that 1. popes get accused of a lot of stuff (sometimes rightly), and 2. for a long time it was sort of ok to be sexually active before becoming pope, even married. 

I love how much obvious cynical power grabbing goes on throughout the history of the papacy. I have no idea how it would work but i genuinely wish someone would make a movie about the life of Pope Benedict IX, because the guy was just mental. maybe sometimes his life was exaggerated by his enemies but still, even the stuff we know like flat out selling the papacy seems amazing.

I mean in general, my education was at a catholic secondary school so I got the, I suppose, cleansed history of the church, I had to learn about the theology of a couple of the schisms and vaguely new that, for example, a lot of martin luther's complaining was about the morals of the church, but unsurprisingly the absolute chaos of what was going on was not really talked about.

The other thing I have been reading about, and have been looking into for a while is the time a group of firefighters decided, as a publicity stunt, to build a lady nessie and try to lure out the loch ness monster using sex appeal.

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I love listening to the podcast ‘No such thing as a fish’ because you learn weird and interesting facts every week (and it is very funny)

Weird animal facts are my favourite; I recently learned that there is a baby bird in the Amazon that pretends to be a toxic moth caterpillar to avoid being eaten:


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