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  1. I'd be open to it, but my main concerns are being in a country with shitty maternity leave policies and/or not having enough cash to be able to take time off from work and recuperate and manage the complexities of pregnancy. If I ever can put the money away for that stuff (and to cushion against shitty maternity leave policies), sure. If not, adoption or fostering kids will be the way to go for me since there are many unwanted kids around the world, and the world population is quite large as it is already. But of course my main issue is the economic aspect of stuff.
  2. Yeah, I can totally relate to this! For me, before I knew the term 'aro' I thought of relationships as a way to get emotional connection via intellectual activities and pursuits, and let's just say that that worldview is not terribly common, sadly. Some people seem to think of it as being overly stoic and not discussing emotions, which can make for a bad friendship or (romantic) relationship, while others don't think that that's a thing a relationship should be based on. I do agree with what you said about relationships potentially having 'perks' and whatnot, but for me, just getting past
  3. Yeah, it sucks that you might have to lie to get 'couple's discounts' and all that stuff. Are there any places in your city where there aren't any discounts for couples and everyone who goes in to eat just pays full price? I wouldn't wanna support the business model you just wrote about..
  4. @GhostyPeppers Hey there. I use some subreddits related to aromanticism and make friends that way. That's where I go when I want more friends to chat with. I'd quote you directly but I forgot to do that when I originally wrote this post
  5. I guess this might sound a bit weird, but I usually just chat with people on dating websites, and ask them about random stuff. Usually my matches are on other continents anyway, so it's just a time for me to be social and meet people. I've never had too much luck with IRL friends, as they are usually chilling with their partners and/or chilling with their friends that they have more in common with. The only cool thing that ever happened on valentine's day for me as an adult was going to an LGBTQ+ bar and club with one of my friends on valentine's day and then took a long walk afterwards in the
  6. The Final Days of Sophie Scholl. This movie is a very heavy film, as it deals with resisting Nazis, and the ending is quite depressing, but this movie does have platonic love for family and friends but not romantic love. Home on the Range. This is an animated film that involves cows that are trying to save the farmland that they live on and attempt to do so by capturing a cowboy with excellent yodeling skills (who attempts to hypnotize the cows with his yodeling) because the reward for this outlaw cowboy is the same amount of money that they need to keep the farm from being sold or bidded
  7. Hey there Aro folks! Are there any people here who play either Animal Crossing for Gamecube or Animal Crossing for 3DS? I haven't gotten the newest edition yet. I'm a fan of just messing around in the Gamecube version, enjoying all my free NES games that I dug up from the ground.. in the 3DS one I just like getting analyzed by the mohawk shrink after I give him apples to eat. I wish going to the shrink/therapist (he doubles as a therapist in this game) were this easy in real life, IRL it seems to require things like insurance.. and money. Anyway, if you'd like to exchange pics for th
  8. Hey, I'm new also! Welcome to the forum. What's an EGL? I'm also struggling with not living a normal alloromantic life as well, didn't come to terms with that until recently.
  9. Wait is this related to the .hack series where people go online into a virtual world and defeat enemies, make friends, and participate in weird competitions? Also, there were some characters named Shugo and Rena.
  10. I wonder if there will be any aro comics in stuff like Marvel or DC comics.. though I do like fan art. Also, idk if anyone here reads Scandinavia and the World, but I suspect some of the country characters are aro too... if any of ya'll know about that webcomic.
  11. Hm, I am mostly pissed off by family and romance romcoms and movies that based both in North America and in other parts of the world, mainly because I see the femme or woman who is in a heterosexual, allosexual relationship in the TV series or movie playing some kind of damsel in distress, worrying about whether she/they are attractive enough, making sure the woman/femme is "conventionally attractive". In addition, there's the usual stuff of satisfying the male gaze, catering to the man's needs, not to mention that the people in the relationship never seem to have any kind of intellectual disc
  12. Where is the link? Is it in the Google Doc? And how often will these meetings happen?
  13. Not having to deal with toxic people who may be covert about their abusive tendencies or behavior and always be on your toes, thus never getting to enjoy the interaction. Also, not doing 'weird stuff' like falling in love, and them somehow rationalizing toxic and/or abusive behaviors as love. I think I'm so pessimistic, jaded, and misanthropic about humanity sometimes that idk if I could ever date in alloromantic manner due to the weird stuff that I've seen on dating sites and apps from friends. However, the one good thing about dating apps (specifically OkCupid)was that I met some aro people
  14. For me, I suppose it's the notion that autistic people lack self awareness? I guess some people conflate my inability to understand social cues (like how certain types of emotional closeness, mainly in the form of disclosing personal details between a male presenting person and a female can be perceived as romantic intent, not to mention that due to my cultural background and despite being read as "female" by society, many people are threatened by me for no good reason) to mean that I couldn't possibly know if I'm feeling romantic attraction to someone or not, because autistic people are only
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