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  1. Someone in my class mentioned living with a trans person. Someone else asked “are they a guy that thinks they’re a girl or a girl that thinks they’re a guy” Maybe they just didn’t know how to phrase it but judging by the other people at my school it’s not too likely and it just pissed me off. Also my school is performing the Addams Family and opening night is TODAY and yesterday at DRESS REHEARSAL people still weren’t taking it seriously. No matter how many times they’re told NOT TO SIT ON THE SET PIECES BACKSTAGE or to just be quiet because they can hear you onstage they don’t listen. I heard someone complaining about Pugsley (who’s been doing theatre for a while) because he told them to take their earbud out because they might miss their cue. Someone was singing when they weren’t supposed to. They have never been supposed to sing then. In fact, there is zero confusion about who should be singing then. Again, during the dress rehearsal.
  2. You’re not wasting anyone’s time, and don’t be sorry for talking about your mental health. Just remember to try and keep going no matter what. I’m sorry you’re going through this and I hope you get to see your brother soon. :)
  3. Why is the color green notoriously single? because it’s always so jaded
  4. I was talking with my parents about how Wednesday (in the show) is not a character who would fall in love and it felt forced when they gave her TWO love interests. They kept saying things like “But then she grew up” and “well she can’t be the same person for the whole show” HER FRIENDSHIP WITH ENID WAS A PRETTY BIG CHARACTER CHANGE AND IT ACTUALLY MADE SENSE and they asked me why I’m so “averse to romance” even though I TOLD them I’m aro. I don’t know if they forgot? And then they said like “it’s ok if you don’t want to be in love” so I don’t really know
  5. 1) voidpunk aro 2) appearance headcanon fodder 3) cups 4) frayromantic (my favorite is actually aroace though I might be biased)
  6. I don’t know how to add a link to it but me, my cousin, and his gf are the embodiment of Studio C’s Third Wheel Song (except for, you know, being sad about not having a relationship)
  7. I haven’t seen the stage version (haven’t had the opportunity sadly) but Helena Bonham Carter is one of my favorite actors so I’m usually a fan of anything with her in it. Also sounds like that sucked.
  8. Talk about your favorite musicals! I don’t know how many other people here like them because I didn’t see another topic on here. My two favorites are Hamilton and Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd (I haven’t seen much love for it, which seems a downright shame. An awful waste really.)
  9. I probably do. I don’t have many physical symptoms (except fast heartbeat) but I constantly overthink things and I’m always worried people will judge me or I’ll do something wrong.
  10. Today I realized that people actually think about their crush when they’re listening to love songs/dream about them. I was talking to my friend (who is dating my cousin) and she mentioned that, and I just stood there confused because I thought that was just in books. also my cousin finds a way to mention her in practically every conversation. We’ll be talking about books and he’ll say something like “you know what else is magical? [friends name]” yeah she’s awesome but we were talking about wizards
  11. This was earlier this year (in November I think) my school has this thing where we have like a math or reading enrichment thing each day. My teacher for this (also my science teacher) is pretty relaxed. Another teacher (Ms T) is incredibly strict. I don’t have her for any classes, but my science teacher left early and she was subbing. I was behind on a social studies essay so I was gonna ask my science teacher if I could work on it instead of the math thing we were doing (the whole class is just practice for things we learn in the actual math class) but I really didn’t want to ask Ms T about it and I thought it would be fine to work on my essay so I just did. A little bit into class she comes over and says something along the lines of “you need to work on the assignment.” The thing was, I didn’t know even know she was there until she said anything and there were two other people she could have been talking to so I didn’t even know if she was talking to me. And my essay was due the next day so i just kept working on it once she left. A little while later she just comes over and takes my computer and walks away. I started crying and everyone kept looking at me which I hated because I’d also feel horrible if they didn’t care, but I really hate peoples attention being on me. Eventually Ms T came over and said she needed to talk to me in the hall. She asked me why I was crying and part of me felt like she thought I was faking it or exaggerating it or something (which is really stupid cause there was literally nothing to make me think that) Anyway she ended up saying I’m not in trouble and i could keep working on my essay (don’t know what she was doing that whole time bc it would have taken all of two seconds to see what I was working on) What really bothers me is that there were a couple students loudly and obviously talking about something unrelated and clearly not paying any attention to the work and she didn’t say anything to them Sorry that was pretty long and I feel like this isn’t as bad as the other stories here and most of it was probably just in my head and it was kinda my fault it happened but I’m gonna post it anyway
  12. I’m slightly obsessed with musicals at the moment. My favorites are Sweeney Todd and Hamilton, but I also watched Les Miserables and Little Shop of Horrors recently so the soundtracks from any those. I also recommend watching them, but Sweeney Todd is pretty disturbing and the movie version is really gruesome (I haven’t seen it onstage)
  13. Hamilton cheats on eliza and that’s her response to it. Also I made my cousin watch it and he kept saying how that’s the worst thing someone could ever do. (Worse than murder apparently) It’s a super cool line and I get that she’d be mad but I didn’t understand why she’d wish death on him for that though
  14. Anytime someone mentions how “romantic” Romeo and Juliet is I’m just like no. There are so many problems with their relationship. Also when I watched Hamilton the first time and Eliza says “I hope that you burn” I didn’t understand why someone would be that mad about what happened
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