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A Million Dollars But...


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What happens if I send more than $75 at once?  Do I get super injured?  I think I'll have to pass because I'd be injured at least once a month when rent is due, and probably about once every other week or so just for groceries.


You get a million dollars, but you lose the ability to see color for the next year (everything is in black and white)

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hmmm. I think I could do it. It might make playing some games a bit difficult, but otherwise I think it would be manageable. Plus it's only one year.


A million dollars but you can no longer maths. At all.

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Haha, no. The million dollars would be kind of pointless wouldn't it? Post apocalyptic worlds tend not to use fiat currency like we do. And also, I'd rather not live in a post-apocalyptic world.


A million dollars but your sexual orientation changes everyday. And I'm not just talking about switching between straight, gay, bi ace, etc. I mean, the kinds of people you are and aren't sexually attracted to change everyday.

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Nah.  I'd be 900 miles from the nearest land: the island of Île Amsterdam, with a population of around thirty people. I'd be 910 miles from the nearest country, Réunion. Not about that life. 


10 million, but nobody is ever allowed to brush your teeth again (including you). 

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Hmm, depends if I could find some idiot(s) to buy it off me and make at least some of my money back!


1 million dollars but you run the risk of waking up an old person (complete with common old-person sayings and afflictions) every morning for the next fortnight. If you're still your own age after 14 days you'll age normally for the rest of your life.

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