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  1. Ooh, this is great! Having some romantic orientations in a dictionary now is really nice
  2. Absolutely. I'd buy it to make food for people who can't afford it themselves. A million dollars but you can't eat chocolate anymore.
  3. Hey, welcome to arocalypse! ^~^
  4. Oh, that's fine then. I only knew you could choose not to see their posts when they're blocked ^^" And yeah, not letting them see anything is good :3
  5. Aah, the Papo. Truthly the most magnificent creation in the entire universe
  6. Maybe a way to hide your status updates from specific people/ones you have blocked?
  7. That would do wonders for my health, I'm sure A million dollars, but every person you meet will ask you to marry them, no matter who, when, or how.
  8. Banned because that avatar looks awfully familiar ;3
  9. Welcome to Arocalypse! I hope you'll have a great time here ;3
  10. Every time someone defines the word "love" as romantic feelings I die a little bit inside.

  11. Hmm, can't say I've come across any BL that I actually like, but I don't really know much besides the popular ones like junjou and sekai ichi. Anything you would recommend, @aro_elise? My rather obvious choice for today is Boku no Hero Academia. It's a battle shounen series about a school for heroes in a world where most people have "Quirks" aka superpowers. I like the character designs, the music is nice and it's was overall a alright experience, though I have to say I didn't enjoy it all the time. I don't really care to much about some characters and outright hate others and they completely ruin every scene they are in for me. I don't particular care for the story at this point and it has a rather generic feel to it at times. If you like battle shounen series and quirky characters though, I can really recommend this series and it is definitely worth a shot. (Second page, yay)
  12. I'm offended that you use a pokémon gif as your avatar~
  13. Banned for posting at 02:02~
  14. Oh, fail -.- Wrong tab for sure -.- Really Sorry ^^''
  15. @Ace of Amethysts actually canges her profile picture more often than I do nowadays~
  16. Obviously. The dark theme ist the best theme!
  17. Banned because I see you around so rarely~
  18. Banned for withholding where and what kind of pictures you post or don't post~
  19. Hnn, I really need to change my profile picture again~
  20. Absol is @Ace of Amethysts's most hated pokémon~
  21. Banned for posting 21 pictures in a short time~
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