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Give the worst description Possible


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A man who can't count to 3 tries to find someone's cup only to be insulted by a Frenchman.



Everyone gets arrested in the end.


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The adopted daughter of an addicted solo mother seeks her birth parents





The phrase 'there are plenty of fish in the sea' proves as unhelpful as ever when someone is looking for a specific fish. Meanwhile the shark rehab group, where they literally swear off eating food, is going about as well as could be expected. On the positive side at least younger viewers will never again make the mistake of wanting to go to the dentist, or of cleaning their fishtank.



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Having accidentally boldly gone where no-one* had gone before a bunch of scientific bureaucrats and criminals get cold feet and just want to GO HOME. Unfortunately a bunch of stroppy corpse-robots want to stop them.


*ignoring, of course, the countless races who already live there, because they are clearly no-one


(ouch, I described this one so badly I feel it necessary to point out it is one of my favourite shows of all time :P )

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An aromantic-asexual points out that marrying the first man you meet, the day you met them, might not be a good idea. With a superhuman amount of restraint she manages not to say "I told you so" at the end. 



(and what about books? Because why not)
A rich child, who believes in fairies, kidnaps a police-woman and keeps her prisoner in the basement.






It isn't just physical prowess and lots of muscles that make a man a  powerful force for good. It is kindness, determination, and intelligence.........that get the man the muscles and physical prowess he needs to be a powerful force for good.





16 minutes ago, Zemaddog said:

Tits and gore




I feel like that's a good description. Oh well.

hehehe :)
Then of course we have it's evil brother:

Dick jokes and gore


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In a series of twisted tales about humanity's dark desires being amplified by technological innovation, everyone will keep talking about the only uplifting episode and not the one that's set today, right now and has the most disgusting conclusion of all. Also the world is a fascist society where class is dictated by a nightmare version of yelp. (Double damage muthafukas)

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Spongebob Squarepants - A mad sponge who has no sense of personal boundaries or impending doom, forces his friendship onto everyone, works for a slave driver crab, but doesn't seem to care. The most relatable character is bitter and depressed. 

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