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  1. I'm super phlegmatic. Sanguine is my runner-up, but not enough to be a mixed type.
  2. So me and a couple friends were at a tabletop game with our college's roleplaying club and the game is taking a while to actually start because a lot of people were gone for Easter and there were a lot of side conversations, but it was looking like the game was about to start. And then my friend says she lost her character sheet. So there's a collective "god dammit" and then she goes to get the sheet from her dorm with me and our other friend. While we're walking back the three of us have a heart-to-heart about how glad we are to know each other and it's really sweet. We never did end up starting the game, though. Also, last night my whole friend group talked about how excited we all are to all live together in a dorm next year instead of just meeting in the dorm where the highest number of us live every night and it's going to be such a beautiful mess.
  3. Yeah, I'm all for "romanticizing" things and all that jazz... But I can't deny that [romance] is 100% just describing a friendship See, I can't see a fucking difference so why the hell would anyone else be able to?
  4. I'm fine with kisses if they're either sexual or just, like, small cheek or forehead kisses.
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    My experience in High School was being convinced I was a super romantic person because I thought romance was just really good friendship with sex attached. This led to me having a lot of squish-based and lust-based "crushes" that I never acted on, partially because I was super awkward (more so even than I am now), and partially because on some level at least I knew that I wouldn't know what to do with a relationship if I got into one. It was only in my first year of college (read: earlier in this year of college) that I finally started thinking about what I really wanted out of a relationship and realized it was the same as what I wanted out of a friendship.
  6. So I just had the sweetest conversation today with two of my friends about how glad we are to know each other and I was able to open up to my friend about how she's my favorite person on Earth  and how it was my squish on her that made me realize I was aromantic and I'm still kinda riding that wholesome high. I love my friends so much. :arolove:

    1. Untamed Heart

      Untamed Heart

      Friendship love is the best! I'm happy for you :) 

  7. Heyy, another RPG player! I haven't done much DnD recently, except for DMing a stupid post-apocalyptic one-shot, but I have been playing a lot of 7th Sea, a homebrew Harry Potter larp, and a Fate game based on a long-running inside joke about gas aliens and lizard people.
  8. I swear I listen to more than just Bowie i don't listen to more than just bowie
  9. Hello and welcome to the forum!
  10. Hello and welcome to the forum!
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