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  1. I've been reflecting a lot about this this past year and here are my thoughts : From what I've experienced (being an aro) , heard and read here, the only parameter that for me can really help differentiate romantic attraction from any other type of attraction (friendly, sexual etc...) would be the "obsessive" quality this type of attraction has, how much place and time it's seems to take up in someone mind and therefore as Omitef said above (and I find this really interesting) how much the "ego" is involved. So here is my attempt of definition : A romantic attraction might be defined as the experience of an (intense) desire of wanting emotional intimacy as well as potentially other types of intimacy with someone. Those different types of intimacy may or may not include : - physical /sexual intimacy - "in-the-moment" intimacy (wanting to be in the same space at the same time and share the same experiences as someone) - intellectual intimacy (wanting to share ideas) - and maybe other types of proximity that I am not thinking about right now Romantic attraction can be distinguished of other types of attraction by : -the intensity of the desire to share an emotional bond and maybe other types of intimacies -and/or the variety of intimacies you want to have with someone (generally more than one) I know it's still a little unprecise but I think it does an ok job at accommodating things like asexuality and polyamory (because it's not necessarily exclusive to one person). And how the "intensity" is manifested (and that can differ completely from person to person) could explain why some alloromantic people (but far from all) experience feelings like jealousy. In the light of the previous definition I would define aromanticism as : The ability (or not) to feel desire for emotional intimacy and other kinds of intimacies with people but not in an intensity and/or variety enough that could be qualified (by each person) as romantic. I think that overall this could use a little help to be put in words that sounds better in English (I thought about it in French mainly, so it might not have translated particularly well). One of the problems that I had is with the expression "desire of wanting intimacy" that I thought up as a need you feel but not necessarily a choice or a want, and I don't know if it's understood that way... ? So I would like to know what you guys think about it, if it fails to define romantic attraction and aromanticism, if it matches your experiences, if it could be bettered etc etc...
  2. A guy with a man bun, wooden sandals and a bathing robe walks in the future towards the past.
  3. There is so many I like, it's gonna be difficult to pick a few ones... My favorite animes definitely includes : - Mushishi (I agree it's like visual, meditative poetry) - xxxHolic (The anime rather than the manga that gets overly complicated with Tsubasa chronicle cross overs) - Kino no Tabi (It's kind of a philosophical road trip and Kino the main character definitively has some non binary vibe going on, maybe aro/ace also) - Seirei no moribito (Balsa, the main protagonist is a strong older female, she's so cool !) (Yeah, between Ginko, Yuko, Kino and Balsa I think I do have a certain taste for strong mysterious characters...) I also really like both the anime and manga of Demi-chan no kataritai ( a slice of life about a group of special girls in a high school and their teacher) , Detroit metal city (about a guy who is torn between his two identities : a mellow swedish pop lover and a death metal rock star ; the humor is kind of peculiar but I still like it a lot) and Nodame Cantabile (about two music college students, really funny and the music is really good) Manga wise : - Anything by Nakamura Asumiko, her art is really gorgeous and her stories are all so good - Otoyomegari by Kaoru Mori, maybe one of the most (if not the most) gorgeous and detailed art in manga I've ever seen; it's set in 19th century en Central Asia - Subarashii Sekai by Asano Inio, It's a series of oneshots, I think it's a masterpiece of a certain kind of smiling melancholy - Bannouji by Aki Eda, a really sweet slow paced slice of life romance with somewhat unconventional characters and good humor - A whole buch of good yaoi ... And cartoon wise : Steven universe, Avatar and Korra, Samuraï Jack, Gravity falls... (I aslo have a deep love for underrated western animated movies and webcomics but that would be slightly off topic I guess)
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