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Give the worst description Possible


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An ex-hippopotamus-designer and his wife annoy the neighbours by growing things in their garden.




(and branching out to films here)

Younger sister comes out of the closet, but nobody believes her


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Everyone is high as a kite on space cinnamon, hates space feudalism and drinks their own piss in the desert.






Kinda creepy considering the fact that nothing really happens for 2+ hours.





Nerdy hippies stealing a whale and getting really emotional.






Everyone is queer, poly and hallucinating.




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Can I do games? Because I don't watch too many TV shows or movies.


A sadistic artificial intelligence tries to kill you by putting you through a series of tests.




Try to kill your friend by hitting them with a high speed baseball.





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A magical boy runs around muttering under his breath,  in an attempt to maintain the social structure that oppresses him





competing against each other with sharp knives strapped to their feet, celebrities try not to be 'eliminated'







A group of well-dressed people sit around, taking turns to tell stories about mass murderers, natural disasters, and whether or not there will be clouds in the sky tomorrow




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@RedNeko I loved 'The Good Life', it was before my time, but that is what DVDs are for. I wasn;t sure if others would have seen it, particularly since we have quite a quite a young demographic here. But the descriptions are still awesome, even if I haven;t seen the shows others are describing  :)




A group of doctors hate the sound of helicopters






Don't fall in love, you will get married and die







Villagers attack a young bookworm suspected of bestiality.






An orphan boy comes out of the closet when he receives a mysterious letter inviting him to a boarding school run by an elderly gay man.






A dysfunctional family mess up the universe with their domestic drama






An elderly man complains about everything until the day he dies



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Surprisingly even overweight people, and people people of colour, are actually capable of dancing :o:o:o Who would have thought it?!?





An emotionally disturbed boy stabs another boy's pet






An orphaned boy accepts a dangerous dog as his father-figure. When the dog is in danger of being put to sleep for the safety of the public, the boy travels through time to rescue the dog. Together the duo thwart the evil plans of a treacherous mouse, and the dog escapes safely, with a little help from a very ugly cat.









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A group of unemployed men take pride in exposing themselves in front of local women






Aliens keep falling out of a hole in the sky, and pretty much everyone is having sex, except for the massive insects wearing boiler suits because even Captain Jack doesn;t find them (particularly) attractive.



(do I get bonus awkward points for watching Torchwood with my Mum? :D )

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I love what became of this thread!


A movie about a mentally ill guy forcing random strangers to hear about his life story of being taken advantage of by a girl who was sexually abused nad taking credit for what black people did with lots of adult jokes.



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