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  1. Well, I don't get crushes often anyways. So there's often I go long periods where there's just not anyone I'm romantically attracted to. Kinda hard for crushes to fade when I don't get them often. So I don't know.
  2. Like, I strongly identified as panro for so long because I felt such strong romantic attraction, and now I'm NOT feeling it at all. This isn't the first time I've felt like "I don't know why I was feeling like that before. I definitely don't feel that now." And now, I don't know. Can someone help me? I can't even put how I feel right now into words
  3. Man, you guys gonna make me sign in, so I can post and talk about this? Okay. Fine. I did the thing. Let's talk. Before I post, though, I want to say that I'm not talking on behalf of AVEN staff. I just feel the need to say SOMETHING because I'm the one that brought the issue of Arocalypse shutting down to AVEN staff, so I'm just trying to justify my actions. I don't want to "take over" Arocalypse. I literally just want you guys to be kept alive. AVEN's been AMAZING for me, a panromantic asexual. I just want allo aros to have the same thing that I've got. Also, to anyo
  4. I always thought I was panromantic. I've had crushes on people, the type that makes me want to get close to them, to get them to notice me, to get them to ACCEPT me. It's rare and far between, but yeah. I would say I had a crush on them. Not really a squish, squishes are too... squishy. The thing is, a crush has always been to me the, "I like them, but they probably wouldn't like me. I'm an asshole." As the joker says, "I'm like a dog chasing cars. I wouldn't know what to do with one if I caught it." Well, I caught my car. I had a crush, I kinda forgot about it because there was no
  5. For me it's not about lacking paternal instinct. In fact, I relate to kids, I've always been comfortable around them, and they've always loved me. The reason why I don't want kids and that's okay is simply put, I don't want them. I love my life as it is, single and childless. Sure, it's a great feeling to raise a human and have them turn out okay, but that's not all there is to life. I could invent a new thing. I could take care of animals at a shelter. I could get a book published. I could feed the homeless. All of these things can foster the same emotions as raising children. Taking care of
  6. Why owuld I not want you to answer that question?
  7. Well asexuals do experience phobia just like homosexuals experience phobia. Acephobia is, in fact a thing. You try to tell someone who you are and they shrug you off and tell you that you haven't "met the right person". Corrective rape is a thing that asexuals experience. Hell, asexual women often experience misogyny by being called a "tease" when they say they aren't interested or have sex expected of them just because a guy is nice. Asexuals are even told they're going to hell. Why? Beats mean, people are dicks. Still. But who am I to talk about being discriminated against, right
  8. I love what became of this thread! A movie about a mentally ill guy forcing random strangers to hear about his life story of being taken advantage of by a girl who was sexually abused nad taking credit for what black people did with lots of adult jokes.
  9. You can, but your cookies are stale and icecream is melted. I wish for icecream cake!
  10. Wow, is it my birthday? What ignorant comment should I go into first? 1. I don't identify as any gender, so you can't dictate whether I'm attracted to "the same" gender or "the opposite gender". I'm not masculine, or feminine, or agendered, or genderfluid, or anything. Therefore, it's very offensive for you to say that I'm "not homoromantic" or "am homoromantic" because you're ignoring my own labels. Which, by the way, you've been doing from the start when you assumed that I couldn't be attracted to the same gender because I'm sapioromantic. 2. Tranny is offensive word,
  11. I quite disagree. I think it's homophobia that drives transphobia. People don't think that someone should be with someone with the same gender, but when they see a trans person it confuses them. If a male dates a transfemale because he's gay as that female was born a male? If a male dates a transmale is he gay because this person looks like a male? Trans people are a lose/lose situation for homophobes, and they're scared because what if they date someone without knowing that they're trans? As for what genders I'm attracted to, I fail to see how that matters here. You can't label me
  12. There's nothing on my profile that could tell you that I'm not possibly homoromantic, so I don't know why you're telling me I have no grounds to say what's homophobia. Plus you're saying that assuming LGBQ are sexually active is hypersexualizing them, which is far from the truth. Just because someone assumes you're sexually active doesn't mean that you're sexualizing them at all. It simply means that you assume that they have sex because everyone has sex. In fact, you could be completely sex repulsed by a person and still assume they are sexually active. On top of that,
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