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  1. Hey guys. I haven't been on in a while, and something has come up recently. I thought I was aro for months and now I have a crush on someone?? And somehow I know it's a crush, I know it's romantic, and I don't know why this is happening. I found out they liked me too and I might ask them out soon?? He's so great and cute and awesome, we have a lot of things in common and I just. I'm so confused about my orientation again and I always do this. I always think I have everything figured out, and then I do a 180. But this was the most figured out I thought I'd ever been, until now. I was completely romance-repulsed about anything towards myself and went through months of trial and error with dating. We would get together and I would already be thinking about how we could break up, even if we were best friends. But with this person it feels so different. It's to the point where I don't even identify with aro anymore. Maybe a little? But I was so repulsed and now when I think of doing romantic things with this person, it makes me really happy. And it doesn't feel awkward, it feels like I'm doing what I want and acting on what I feel. I went from no romantic attraction/no desire to act on it, to pretty mildly intense romantic attraction within a day of meeting this person. That's how I know I'm not demiromantic. And I'm kind of thinking... maybe I feel romantic attraction but I rarely feel a desire to act on it? Like only with certain people (or person) but that just sounds like most people. Or maybe something else?? I have no idea. I think I might just be panro and pansexual. I just don't understand where all of this came from then. Maybe flux or fluid something? I guess I don't need to label it but if you guys have any ideas to what I might be, please comment down below and I'll research any you send in. Help a girl out D: thanks
  2. Banned because triggered, you dont know me this isnt a phase mom this is the real me

  4. Banned for cyberbullying!!!111!!11!
  5. Large naked men have a snack and an army leader named Ravioli can't stop cleaning
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