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  1. You have returned? :o *throws streamers*

    1. Cereal Tendencies

      Cereal Tendencies

      Lol thanks! I've always been on here, mainly to check pms though ^^

    2. Arocalypse


      You've been browsing me through the shadows then :gasp:

  2. I've been single all my life (I just turned 24) and as an aro ace I'm still trying to deal with my insecurities regarding dating It doesn't help that most of my friends (whom I'm out to) keep coming to me for my unbiased relationship advice and telling me how "lucky I am" to not have to deal with the messy drama etc My mom is already pressuring me into marriage- since apparently it's the latest trend for women my age to be doing these days- and despite me accepting who I am, I still feel some sort of guilt about being broken I don't even know if any of this rambling makes sense lol Does anyone else relate to this feeling? How do you cope with it? Edit- I'm not as active on here as on AVEN, so idk if this topic has been discussed before, so apologies in advance!
  3. Being relieved of the responsibility of handling a relationship and not having to constantly maintain their happiness or make sure not to hurt their feelings etc Also being relieved of the burden of going through a breakup/heartbreak etc
  4. I confess that the famous quote "'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all" pisses me off everytime I hear it
  5. Some popular and normal kids (unlike us) HOGBG
  6. Such lucky utensils! Go sing (idk ) MUCJE
  7. Sometimes when my friends talk about their crushes I feel like saying "You disgust me" Agreed with everyone above I still can't figure out the difference between limerance and obsession for the life of me but I'm assuming limerance is a specialized form of obsession that involves multiple stages? Also what is love-sickness? (Cereal asks too many questions) Speaking of the pink glasses, my romantic friends keep coming to me for brutal honesty on their partners because I'm unaffected lol It's hilarious
  8. I confess to not realizing how many people felt the need to confess when I made this thread I confess that it was a good idea nonetheless
  9. Bugs running around inside noses UTLOW
  11. I confess to feeling utterly useless when my best friend called me at 2am to let me know she broke up with her boyfriend I also confess that hearing her cry broke my cold dead heart
  12. All ants are actually aliens! EYEZL
  13. @Louis Hypo forgot to post their 5 letters, so I'll put some here :3 ISLZI
  14. I confess to having considered on numerous occasions to wanting to use my parent's impending divorce as my excuse for staying single
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