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    • Untamed Heart

      So, is there really no difference between just having gay thoughts as a straight person and having desires? I just posted it as a comment on a debate forum thingy and someone said they saw no difference. I didn't bother replying but I disagree - I definitely think they're separate things, but there is probably a varying degree of overlap for other people. I sometimes wonder how my life would have been different as a lesbian - would I have enjoyed being in relationships with women better? I don't have those innate romantic/sexual desires for other women, though, nor would I be open to 'trying something out' with someone willing to do that with me. I very rarely have romantic/sexual thoughts about men, but I do have those desires once in a blue moon, even if the "signals get scrambled" so I end up not knowing what I want at all any more.
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    • ApeironStella

      So I have to stay with a whole week with my father bc stuff happened... this is going to be a really awkward week.
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    • Untamed Heart

      What's an asexual's favourite tree?
      An Acer maple
      What do you call an asexual who does kung fu?
      Spruce Lee 
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    • techno-trashcan

      Honestly the only content for aro consumption is the same old "your identity is valid" regurgitated in a thousand different wordings, and validation is important and all but having been part of the aro community for a little over three years now i've found that not much has really changed; we have a bunch more haters and people trying to police our existence but we're not even on the mainstream's radar. Even our own awareness week saw a marked lack of content which is honestly depressing
      Some genuine representation and some people fighting for us when it really counts instead of just pretending to care about aros only when we're around would be nice, while the same old dusty positivity just leaves me empty
      Lmao this is what pride month has done to me
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    • ApeironStella

      So I finally got a psychologist appointment tomorrow but I still high key feel like I am just exaggerating stuff but... Is living your life vicariously through fictional characters with really low concern on your own life unless in immediate danger and seeing human relations pointless unless you are talking about something you like/having trouble with talking anything but your interests and sometimes getting really obsessed with them count as normal/healthy? I... don't feel like I have any goals in life, really, for a long time by now haha. I can drown that sense of pointlessness by diving even further into a series or theory or whatever but it never disappears and I just... worry that I am making a fuss. I tried to explain that to my mother, who is p much really asocial herself as well as likely has some problems of her own, and she says that I could see one if I wanted to but really skeptical of it and??? I don't even fully trust my memory or my feelings tbh and the close friend who said that I most likely should see someone for stuff did say that I often act really self-depricating and have a pretty low self esteem, which rangs rather true. I just... I just don't know, haha. I at least don't think it is unipolar depression at any rate because I can be happy/feel a whole range of emotions if I focus on anything but myself, but there is maybe... something off? Idk.
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