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      Introduce yourself here, where do you put yourself on the romanticism spectrum? What do you like to do? How did you find out you were different than others in regards to romanticism? Also, forum rules pinned to the top of this forum.

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    1. Aromantic Discussion

      Want to learn more about what romanticism is? Not sure where you fall in the grey-romantic spectrum? Come here and discuss with other members.

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      How does aromanticism or greyromanticism affect the types of relationships you have in your life?

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      Need help with Aro research, spreading awareness, or found a cool article to share on the subject of aromanticism or greyromanticism? Or are you looking to organize a meetup with like minded people? Here's your place!

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      A place for our romantic allies and partners of aromantics to discuss romanticism and how it relates to aromanticism.

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      Would you like to see your orientation represented in the media? Have you found an aro themed video, fan fiction, have new a head-cannon or would you like some aro friendly book, movie, web comic, or music recommendations? Want to talk about flags and other ways to show your pride? Would you like to get creative?

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      You may wish to ask questions anonymously that you would be too embarrassed about asking openly. In this forum, you may post anonymously. Be forewarned that the rules of the ToS still apply.

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      Anything topic is fine here!

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      A place for silly games that require lots of posts... Have fun!

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      This is for suggestions on improving these forums or the main web site.

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      Topics here are about various sexual orientations or aromantic and greyromantic people, and the LGBT community in general.

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    • Naegleria fowleri

      Was explaining aromanticism to someone today (a stranger who overheard me talking about it with someone else) and when I explained that I don't get crushes or date or anything like that he legit asks me, "So... what are your goals then?" Lol. We had a good chat.
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    • Emerald Cheetah

      So one of my friends got dumped by a guy she kind of wasn't dating (but pretty much was dating) and she spent half of lunch complaining about it. All of my friends were like "Wow he's a jerk" but I just wanted to roll my eyes because this has happened before. I kind of wanted to support the guy because I'd be uncomfortable too if a girl was sobbing on my couch. I think women don't understand that men are taught to be logical not emotional. So Of course he wouldn't know how to respond to an emotionally charged situation!!!! Why am I the only one that can actually understand these kind of things when I've never dated?  😒
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    • Tired-Sparo

      A magazine for my school is taking submissions of poetry for possible publication if i post some stuff would anyone be willing to give me opinions on which ones would be good for submission?
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    • Spirit of God

      I saw "The Babylon Line" last night for the second time! It was great! I also talked to a man who was the dad of an actor!
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    • awkwardchickenpotatodragon

      Presented on Aro Spec Awarenss Week at school today! It was terrifying. BUT, my teacher is amazing! Kept saying how we should stop assuming things, and then when I showed her the aro spectrum identities she said she thought she might be demiromantic! I thought that was cool. So it was terrifying but 100% worth it.
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