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How to say aromantic in other languages?

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On 22.1.2017 at 9:47 PM, Zae said:

Well, in german it's just Aromantik, so basically the same~

No, that's aromanticism. The adjective aromantic is aromantisch in German and I think the aromantic as in the person is called Aromantiker (which I can't get used to, for some reason I think Aromantiker sounds really weird xD)

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7 hours ago, aihpen said:

No, that's aromanticism. The adjective aromantic is aromantisch in German and I think the aromantic as in the person is called Aromantiker (which I can't get used to, for some reason I think Aromantiker sounds really weird xD)

Oh, you're right. I guess I didn't think that far ^~^"

And yeah, Aromantiker does sound kinda weird, but I like it :3

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Hey sorry for to anyone who's following this for necroing, but I just found @Robin's page on translating aromantic and asexual into Chinese, and I was thinking it'd be cool if aromantic was just 無戀愛. That way we could actually keep the term 性戀 to describe sexuality (which is conflated with romantic orientation regardless of what language you're speaking anyway) and the two terms would also flow well together:


Aromantic Asexual: 無性戀,無戀愛 (I know that directly translates into asexual, aromantic, but it just sounds better that way)



I also started writing up a list of possible Chinese translations for other sexualities...?



For greysexual in Chinese...maybe 霧性戀? 霧 as in fog, because fog comes in different shades of grey, and in the fog, not everything is clearly defined. Some things in fog are more clearly defined than others, but many things are obscured, and won't be clear until you come closer to them. I think that 霧 would be a pretty cool translation for grey--not to mention it's pronounced (in Mandarin Chinese, at least), quite similarly to 無, so there's tonal similarity along with semantic similarity. 


My suggestion for translating demisexual is 伴性戀. Phonetically (in Mandarin Chinese), 伴 sounds exactly like 半 (half), which matches the meaning of the original Latin prefix "demi." In addition, 伴 directly translates to "companion," or "to accompany," which alludes to demisexual folks' inability to form sexual attraction until they form a strong emotional bond with someone.


And I thought it'd be funny if allosexual were translated to 纳性戀. Phonetically (in Mandarin Chinese) 納 sounds exactly like 那 (that, as in "that chair" or "that book"; the usage of 那, to me, implies a sense of othering). In addition, 納 translates to "to receive; to accept; to enjoy; to bring into," which I feel is appropriate for describing allosexuals, who welcome sex into their lives.


I was gonna keep going with ace/aro oriented translations when I discovered that Google Translate phobically thinks "pansexual" translates to "that which is obscene." SO I PROPOSE A NEW TRANSLATION FOR PANSEXUAL: 僉性戀. Phonetically (in Mandarin Chinese) 僉 sounds exactly like 千 (which means "thousand," which riffs off of the 雙 (pair) in 雙性戀 (bisexual)). Also, 僉 directly translates to "all." And as if that weren't enough of a reason to accept my suggested translation, in Mandarin Chinese, 僉 also sounds exactly like 鉛, as in 鉛筆 (pencil), MEANING INSTEAD OF PAN PUNS, CHINESE PANSEXUALS/PANROMANTICS CAN MAKE PENCIL PUNS! EVERYONE WINS!


Autochorrisexual: 除性戀. 除 means both "to divide" (as in, dividing oneself from one's source of attraction) and "without" (autochorrissexual is attraction without desire for yourself to be involved in the action). 


Cupioromantic: 景戀愛. 景 means "bright" or "circumstance," which refers to a cupioromantic person's hope for a romantic relationship. I derived the prefix from the phrase 願景, which means "vision of the future." 


Lithromantic: 距戀愛. In Mandarin Chinese, 距 sounds like 拒 (reject), which is wordplay on how lithros generally reject reciprocation. 距 means "distance," or "to be apart," which refers to a lithromantic person's desire to be apart, relationship-wise, from their loved one.


Queerplatonic: 擁情. In Mandarin Chinese, 擁 sounds like 永 (forever), signifying the desire to be friends for life, or at least, for a very long time. 擁 means "to hold; to embrace; to wrap around; to gather around (somebody); to support." And then 情 means passion. A queerplatonic friend/partner would be 擁情友, which would directly translate to "queerplatonic friend" and also parallel the syntax of 男朋友/女朋友 (boyfriend/girlfriend), without being too close in syntax or implying gender. The 


Squish:  The Chinese don't have a noun form for "crush," so I decided that Chinese should not have a word for "squish" either. Instead, we can say 我想跟他當朋友 (I want to be friends with them) or 我對他感覺擁情 (I feel queerplatonic towards them).


WTFromantic/Quoiromantic: 茫戀愛. 茫 means "vast, with no clear boundary."



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On 2017-1-22 at 10:04 PM, techno-trashcan said:

If any of you are a native speaker of Spanish, forgive me and correct me if I'm wrong because I am not a native speaker, but I presume it would be "aromantico," since romantic is "romantico."

Aromantic in Spanish is "arromántico" with double R because, between vowels, it matters for the pronunciation if you have single or double R. Notice that in Spanish adjectives take desinences for gender and number: "un chico arromántico" (an aromantic boy) vs. "una chica arromántica" (an aromantic girl). Anyway, it can be shortened as "arro", which is invariant, though it may admit a plural as a noun ("los arros").

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aromantic (orientation) – aromantyczność
aromantic (person/adjective) – aromantyczny (masculine), aromantyczna (feminine), aromantyczne (neuter and plural non-masculine)

aromantic (orientation) – arromanticidade
aromantic (person/adjective) – arromântico (masculine), arromântica (feminine), arromântique ('neo'-neuter)

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