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  1. I am aromantic and childfree, and I feel the them independent but well aligned, in the same way as my asexuality and aromanticism. I wrote about it for April's Carnival of Aces: http://heterogen.wordpress.com/2017/04/25/my-asexuality-aromanticism-and-not-parenthood/
  2. Wonderful! In Spain it coul only be possible if the unmarried friends were the biological parents, which I think is vetoed for two women, except if the child were conceived by assisted reproduction and a recent court ruling includes the case.
  3. Aromantic in Spanish is "arromántico" with double R because, between vowels, it matters for the pronunciation if you have single or double R. Notice that in Spanish adjectives take desinences for gender and number: "un chico arromántico" (an aromantic boy) vs. "una chica arromántica" (an aromantic girl). Anyway, it can be shortened as "arro", which is invariant, though it may admit a plural as a noun ("los arros").
  4. Though I am platonic, I acknowledge that squishes are not universal and there exist aplatonic people. Platonic attraction yields platonic orientations like heteroplatonic, homoplatonic, biplatonic and aplatonic.
  5. My friendships usually die by lack of contact, but once a friend of mine broke up with me. It was very hard for me, since we were very close.
  6. I do also find this concept useful. The concept of friendzone is indeed to wide. Maybe the zones should be refined in the way I explain in my post Kinds of attraction: an analogy from phonology. Or even, as different people may conceptualize different categories, we should consider the zones according to the person who zones. For instance, when someone friendzones you, they're probably lacking a platonic category.
  7. Why not? I think I can experience several squishes simultaneously on the same person, or a squish augmented by layers. In the same way a romantic person might be conscious of the squishy layer of their crush. The only problem I see is the contradictory features like jealously, since my squishy layers were compatible among them.
  8. This thread has moved me to read the Spanish law of same-sex marriage, and I'm glad in Spain these laws are passed by the parliament and not by the judges. Our law 13/2005 consists of two introductory sections before the legislative dispositions, as it's usual in Spanish law for expressing the motivation of the law. The first paragraph of the first introductory section praises couplehood as "a genuine expression of human nature" and marriage as "a juridic institution of social relevance that allows to fulfill the shared life of the couple." Then it reads the constitutional mentions to marriage as an obligation to regulate it in the law. Then the discourse moves to justify that the parliament has the power and the duty to adapt the institution of marriage to current societal values, and so removing the man-and-woman restriction. What worries me is praise of couplehood and marriage in the law, but it worries me less than if it had been ruled by the Constitutional Court. Although marriage can't be abolished in Spain without modifying the Constitution, there's no constitutional impediment to disprivilege marriage. But, as I said in another thread, the LGBT activists, formerly advocates of civil unions, moved to the advocacy for same-sex marriage, so it is now very difficult to get a nationwide law of civil unions, contrary to France, where civil unions were passed before same-sex marriage, so now French couples are not forced to choose marriage if they prefer a civil union.
  9. I am Spanish and I don't think that our English is worse than in Northern countries because its teaching is crappy, which is so, but because Spanish is a Romance language and English is a Germanic language, so native speakers of Germanic languages start at a level we can hardly reach. For instance, we wouldn't say the same if the international language were Portuguese.
  10. I'm glad that in Spain there's no tradition like school proms or balls.
  11. Hello, I'm Isaac and have been around the asexosphere for 8 years, though I've always felt more strongly aromantic than asexual. As I'm from Spain, I've mostly written in AVENes forums. Only recently I've followed aromantic tumblrs and registered in aromantic forums.
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