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What Are You Listening To/Post A Song

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22 hours ago, NullVector said:

Leonard Cohen is my God :arolove:

You, sir, have very good taste


Okay I can accept the whole 'its not French but It has french lyrics in'

So accept  some French Rap (one of the few that have good lyrics, rythms and poetry, It's really a little masterpiece of its own)



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1 hour ago, sarcastic kitten said:
On 5/4/2017 at 9:16 PM, NullVector said:

Leonard Cohen is my God :arolove:

You, sir, have very good taste

Thanks! I was actually speculating in this thread a while back that he might be 'one of us' :D


I liked the song you posted - despite having no idea what they are singing about! xD Maybe you can shed some light on it? Otherwise, I guess I should go ahead and learn French! Anyway, it's interesing to hear a rap song where the 'beat' is piano driven...


I'm kinda running out of French song ideas now (you have the home advantage :P) so I guess I can just go ahead and post an old classic:



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5 minutes ago, NullVector said:

I liked the song you posted - despite having no idea what they are singing about! xD Maybe you can shed some light on it?

Of course ! Here is a little translation ;)


I am
Enclosed, cramped in my cell
Everyday the same coffee but it's the time which is soluble
Those good deeds which we regrets
Those mistakes which we do again
In the visiting room i talk to my son as much as at my reflection
I am
Freezing, i keep drinking and pass winters
For reassurance all passerby must think that we hibernate
Rocked by the sounds of the steps and the noise of piece in the pockets
Between this guy and my dog, i'm wondering with which one i am closest
I am
Rich, they want me to believe that it's a shame
As ifI was responsible for all the poverty of the world
Me I owe nothing to anybody, even if the money is running out
They want all to taste the fruit of the tree which I planted
I am
Sick, but I préfere to say "furure treated"
My pupils fix the hand on the watch which shines on my wrist
Cramped in my body, i look at the world in the keyhole
People will say that I was only enlarging that of the social security
I am
Religious, I am often criticized for being it
I am often criticized for my beard but i got the same one as Jean Jaurès
They compare me to barbarians which I have never believed
Mosques are too small then sometimes I pray in the street
I am
A little lost, my small lungs fill up with air
Newcomer on Earth
My first tears activate those of my father
A chance, with my family I feel comfortable
But i don't forget that I would have been able te be born in the room on the opposite side
I am
Alone, at the bottom of a corridor, no one ask for my opinion
I got older so voila I have much more wrinkles than friends
I would like to share my mistakes, to announce you my doubts
Sometimes i talk to myself to be sure that somebody listens to me
I am
Exhausted, but i'm sure not for long
The bells of telephones, the pressure widened my wounds
I don't remember the date of my last giggle
I am a man soon I shall be a memory
I am
Finally here, this earth is not anymore a mirage
I, arrived by boat but especially by miracle
A new life waits for me here, more quiet and more stable
This morning I wrote "everything's fine" on the back of the postcard
I am
Proud, but how to describe you all that I feel
When i walk in town, fewer and fewer people look like me
In the elevator, I'm not even talking the language of my neighbor
Due to plant trees, there will be no more place for our roots
I am
Tired, back pain and kidney pain
Wrinkles on my face remind me mountains from there where I come
I've been lied to, and it is too late that I understood it
They say that this country is not mine while i built it
I am
Sitting, and the fate made that I shall never get up
In this ocean I have the impression to have always rowed
A real challenge to get on the bus
Go to work, cross their doors
Frequently people look at me and answer me that it's not their fault
I am
Happy, young graduate
Concreted spirit, I surprised
Those who dreamed to see me giving up
My family is far from here, I hope that over there they are proud
I've just won the fight which my mother had begun
I am
Confident, I look at my slightly too full class for me
And I would hold them the hand until the success opens them arms
I understood that sometimes, the adults are lost
Because the biggest lessons it's them who gave them to me
I am
Angry, in my district we're bored far from the city
We write, we ask, we shout and I have friends who sold drugs
My older brother is unemployed, my buddy makes 5000 a month
To the middle school it's a mess, soon I shall have to make a choice
I am
Far, what it takes place with me doesn't interest many people
For the other we live a dream but however usually we're walking in circles
Everything is expensive, with the continent there's a kind of latency
The beach, the palm trees, but I am not on holiday
I am
Discreet, my father told me to not make a vagueness (= cause deep reactions)
My religion, a lighthouseguiding my steps since I cleared off
Its funny that he's whatches me but that hedoes everything to
Give me a lesson by preventing me from going to class
I am
Worried, to my faith many haughty looks
I receive lessons by types who make nothing for their next one
The humanity doesn't have heart anymore, I see the world turning and changing
And i'm sad to see that there is fewer and fewer people on sundays
I am
In love, and i don't see who that concerns
Except for me and the one with whom I share my bed in the evening
I love him, we slalom between the insults and the jokes
To say that not long ago I didn't have the right to offer him a ring
I am
Forgotten, my month purposes are made on the thread
It became rare to go to the restaurant or to go to see a movie
I'm just a number, a vote, a statistics, a point furthermore in the crowd
I was just bor there and I have the impression that nobody cares
[Bigflo & Oli]
I am
A date, a coincidence, a soccer game, a wedding
A demo, a birthday, a hug, a brawl
A crime scene, a judgment, a kid laughing, a mistake
A snowy mountain, I am the tip of the feather of an author
I am the tears of a departure, i am the heat of bars
I am a flavor five stars either the fat of a kebab
The lazy, the night-owls, the early risers
The grouches, the looks in the subway
A racist uncle, an empty concert, the crisis, the depression which serves again the vice
I am the excellence, the elegance or the hope of a birth
These campaigns in the silence, these immense and dense big cities
I am, a little of me and many of the others when I think of it
I am, France


Aaaah Daft Punk ! A classic ! And it would be quite normal to me to know a minimum about my country's culture... Otherwise that would be weird O.o

But we can stop and here is a Scottish metal Band that I like very much... For reasons



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This speaks to me on a personal level.

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