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  1. Do things I normally avoid doing because other people wouldn't like it Start really thinking before I speak Join a class (gym/swim) Start Christmas shopping early so I don't stress so much in November/December Only buy things on sale unless I really need it Get a job Save more money Get on a good schedule (sleeping, exercise, hygiene) Eat fewer sweets Drink more water
  2. Hufflepuff and Amity (possibly Abnigation)
  3. Speed: 72.29 WPM Accuracy: 100.00%
  4. I was listening to 'I Don't Wanna Be Your Friend' by Scotty McCreery and it got me thinking of this post. Basically like, that's not what they're there for. They already have friends. They want you for other things. This is mostly about heterosexual people and stereotypes. I guess it could also mix with the discussion of whether or not males and females can actually be friends. I know it's possible, gender has nothing to do with who you have as friends. But stereotypically, males and females have vastly different interests. I, personally, don't have any male friends. All my friends are females. I'd like to have male friends, but I find we're just too different. (I just haven't met the right guys, I know). I'm too stereotypically 'girly'. I've tried hanging out with guys my whole life. My brother, guys from school, male coworkers. But no one wanted a girl in the group. They already had friends. And the social pressure that's put on men who hang out with women can take a lot out of guys. Not wanting to be seen doing 'girly' things, having your other guy friends on your back about whether or not you're banging yet, and criticizing you if you're not. I guess my point is, it's stuff like this that makes it hard to find real friends with benefits.
  5. I talked to my friend about this. I basically thanked her for not being like most people and pushing me to the side once she got a boyfriend. It was a nice conversation. Deep. Heartfelt. We don't get too feely in our chats, so it was long overdue. She told me she'd never favour her boyfriend over me. I was there first, and even if I wasn't, both of us play a big role in her life. She makes sure to make time for all the people she's close to. I love my friend. <3 I wish everyone was like that. I'm sorry you guys have to deal with the feelings of being left out. No one should feel like that. Aro or no. @Mark I haven't heard of that before! It was an interesting read. I'll have to look into it a bit more. Too bad that isn't the norm.
  6. 9 - Acts of Service 8 - Words of Affirmation 7 - Quality Time 6 - Receiving Gifts 0 - Physical Touch
  7. I hate the whole 'relationship hierarchy' in general. Maybe it's because I'm aro, but I hate how romantic partners are automatically most important. That's like having to choose your husband over your children. Who could choose? There are many different types of relationships you can have with people, and they're all important. Family, friends, romantic, sexual, etc. Even your pets. Yeah, some people are more important to you than others. Say, choosing to help your family instead of your coworker. But that's more to do with how close you guys are than actual relationship status. Why does one person always have to be above the others? Why can't they all be equal? If a guy wants to hang out with his friends instead of staying in with his girlfriend, he should be able to. It shouldn't automatically make him a shitty boyfriend. Just the whole "you'd choose your friends over me?" thing is the worst. Like, no. I'm not choosing anyone over anyone. I just want to hang out with my friends. I just think it's stupid, honestly. /end rant I personally haven't felt left out because of that since high school. Only one of my friends is in a relationship, and, thankfully, she doesn't do that.
  8. These have probably been said already, but I'm too lazy to read all the responses lol. We just can't get a partner/no one likes us that's why we're alone We have some sort of mental illness (depression usually) that makes us this way We don't like physical contact We don't like romance in media We just have intimacy issues We just have commitment issues We can't form emotional attachments We can't love anyone We were involved in some sort of trauma that made us this way We're asexual too That's not a real thing/stop trying to label everything If you enter a relationship you're no longer aro H E A R T L E S S
  9. I had a fwb (legit, we hung out more than we had sex) for about a month before it turned into romance and I had to leave. He caught feelings and treated me like his girlfriend instead of a friend/sex partner. It was fun while it lasted. I miss him and it sucks we had to end things.
  10. Sherlock Supernatural - few relationships Touch - there are relationships, but the main focus is the kid and his relationship with his dad Warehouse 13 - there's romance at the end but it feels forced tbh. (this was almost an aro show )
  11. I don't have any squishes currently, but I have a lot of past squishes. From classmates to people I just saw in the hallway to friends of friends to people I see online. I often squish on people I play games with. For example, a game I play regularly is SongPop, and there are some opponents I favour more than others. I get happy when they play me back, send a playlist I like, or *gasp* if they message me. It's sorta weird squishing on people with only a picture to go by. I know absolutely nothing about them besides their music interests, and somehow that's enough for me.
  12. Romantic 100% I posted something similar to this in an Aromantic Asexual group to see if anyone else was similar. I'm a sex-favourable so really it's a no-brainer for me. I enjoy sex even though I'm ace. I question my sexuality sometimes because I just don't relate to other aces. I'd much rather have a sexual partner than a romantic one. I've not once questioned my romantic orientation once I found out about aromantics. I've had fwb-type relationships that I had to end because they were treating me like their girlfriend and not just a friend/sexual partner. Romance is a deal-breaker.
  13. I'm up for joining other groups. It took like 2 weeks for one of my posts in Aromantic Talk to get approved.
  14. I normally swear as an exclamation (shit normally), but I use shiz, frig, and heck when talking to people. I wasn't sure which category the heck/frig/shiz sayings were. They're not the same as fudge and sugar, but they're still not real swears.
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