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  1. Apropos islands and shipping: In December there was this story of the Jet Ski Romeo, a 28-year old from the UK. He bought a jet ski, towed it 70 miles to the Scottish coast and traveled four hours across the rough Irish Sea to the Isle of Man.... to get around coronavirus restrictions and see his girlfriend there. I thought this was a behavior that was even for romantic standards extraordinarily bizarre. Aromantic moment: in my naivity I told this story a few people as an example of utter craziness but the attitude was "But noooo, that's not wrong", "She should marry him", "Awww that
  2. This parrot from Madagascar, who is colored like the aromantic flag, is unfortunately named Grey-headed lovebird.
  3. Hello! I like your ava, where does it come from?
  4. @Blake I don't think this can be completely right. While sexual attraction does not need to lead to physical arousal, it's more than just "wanting sex" for any reason. After all, sex is the normal way to get pregnant, which is a common goal. To engage in sex purely for that reason is also wanting sex. At least this kind of "wanting" is something virtually no one would describe as sexual attraction. @Holmbo We're arguing about words here – what a quite fuzzy term means. It's not really a factual question. The idea that there can be subconscious sexual attraction is probably common. I mean,
  5. A whole basket of tropes in anime (or Japanese video games) are those long, extremely drawn out "romance does never happen but is strongly suggested" dramas. Boy(s) and girl(s) get really, really, REALLY close together but a romantic relationship never evolves. Either this is a well-known trope like "Clueless Chick Magnet", or it is: Nothing happens between the boy(s) and girl(s), they seem like a match made in heaven, but stay "just" besties for ten seasons. I was so baffled at this as a young teen. I sensed they wanted to evoke a strong emotional reaction here, but didn't understan
  6. I'm sorry that you had to deal with something like this. Never expected someone would use "deviancy" (!?) for aromanticism-asexuality -- perhaps "abnormality" at worst.
  7. Of course it's mainly because they travel with their partners. But it also a bit of a norm, it's regarded as weird after a certain age (around 30). Ok, traveling (esp. long-distance) is a very damaging habit anyway. At least I have a clean consciousness. 😀
  8. I extremely disliked it in Interstellar, and that "Love transcends time and space" speech ruined the movie for me.
  9. "single" 😠. It does not simply mean "not in a romantic relationship". You never hear it applied to people where difficulties to get into a romantic relationship are assumed. Someone in a wheelchair isn't single, they are not even single, they're "other". Though "single" is loaded with contempt, it's still better to be "single" than to be "other". I wonder how poly romantic relationships fit into this, probably that's also "other" category. Too weird / shady! It's "paired" > single > "other". The word "single" basically means "Aww, keep trying, you'll find the one. You ain't so
  10. Being a single parent, which aromanticism would be associated with, is understandably difficult to accept => aro spaces are quite childfree. But what I don't understand is the strong aversion common in aro spaces towards having children. Or that so many openly say they can't deal with children at all. Raising a child is light years apart from romantic stuff?! The relationship with a child does not compare! I feel sometimes envious of parents. Ok, since I won't enter a romantic relationship, the most realistic version of me having children would be like: some random woman got pregnant b
  11. Doesn't this always happens if you take a well-known ritual and use it for something else? It's usually done for parody reasons, but if it's taken seriously, it's tacky. So if we would carbon-copy the wedding ceremony and make it for friends it would be positively a joke. OTOH blood brotherhood ceremony... not a fan, but is it really tacky? I'd say no. So an original non-tacky friendship ceremony is possible. I just think that this one is quite bad. Why does it have to be painful (and unnecessarily dangerous) if it's about friendship?
  12. I'm currently playing Devil May Cry 5. My favorite games are Sekiro, Nioh, Nioh 2, KSP and Space Engineers. Also like the Nier series a lot.
  13. There sure are many cute things in this world: like kittens. But I never understood why it's applied to adult humans. Those may be pretty, beautiful, handsome, hot. Not cute. At some point I just resigned and used the word in this manner.
  14. Aesthetic is by far the most common for me. Pure (unmixed) aesthetic attraction is relatively weak, though. It's usually overshadowed in strength by the others. Aesthetic attraction is nearly necessary for sexual attraction for me. Also it's often present with platonic attraction, because no matter how stupid it is, subconsciously I'm more inclined to ascribe positive character qualities to beautiful humans. Sexual attraction without aesthetic attraction happens rarely for me and always has a distinct cheap / vulgar quality to it (which also makes no sense at all, of course).
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