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  1. Don't ask me. Gender is completely opaque for me. I assume it's something vaguely inspired by biology of sexual reproduction. But does it follow that only beings capable of meiosis and enough self-consciousness can have a gender? Still I can just cite the official lore about a character's non-binary status. I'm just unsure that a robot can be cited as "representation" of any group, because for "representation" we have humans in mind. So the character should be a human or at least a very relatable humanoid (e. g. Tolkiensque elves). Therefore I wrote "for completeness sake". Not
  2. Multiple platforms, including PS4. Why are you asking? ๐Ÿ˜œ Games ARE allowed: From the wiki: One of these [pins which FL4K wears] depicts the binary code of the number 2 crossed out, as well as the colors yellow, white, purple, and black. This may be a reference to the character's gender identity, as the pin itself is a pun on the word "nonbinary", and the colors of the pin are the colors of the nonbinary flag. The story is the same for all characters but their dialogue differs. But I don't know anything about FL4Ks dialogue and if there are some more references. Played as
  3. For completeness* sake: FL4K from Borderlands 3, non-binary according to official lore * FL4K is a robot so duh
  4. Crona from Soul Eater has an undetermined gender. In the whole Japanese text there is no hint of it. In the translation Crona is given male pronouns, but in the original gender-neutral ones are used.
  5. I think the reactions would be like: 90% : "What the hell is wrong with you?" 9.9% : "Oh, ... a challenge! How mysterious, how exciting! ๐Ÿ’–" 0.1% : "Warning acknowledged. Computing... Result: Committing to pursue romantic relationship regardless. End." 0.0% : "That's really sad, because I was looking for something more stable."
  6. No I've succumbed to the temptation to add my own off-topic stuff to this discussion ... I don't deny that "subscribing to a philosophy of social justice and mutual aid" is a big part part. But some punks don't care about that and just have an angry, nihilistic, antisocial attitude. They're still mostly accepted by their fellow punks. Now, let's say some well-meaning celebrity is very into social justice and donates a lot of her income to good causes. Calls herself a punk, wears a $400 Urban Outfitters punk jacket and listens to NOFX. Well yeah, she's going to be widely judged as
  7. Yes. One should assume so. We just have to accept that some romantic behavior is not always understandable for aros and feels like it came from an alien species rather than from humans. So what to do? Better just ignore it in alloromantics and focus on what we like and understand. I'm not so sure. It resembles a confused senator who gives a grand, passionate speech in support for a law -- a speech from the bottom of his heart ... but the law has already been passed. The fact that the law has already been passed, does not invalidate the senator's feelings. They were genuine. The sp
  8. It's something alloromantics really cannot know beforehand. And I don't even think it's AMORAL to break somebody's heart. Of course, if they have strong empirical evidence that their romantic relationships just last 3-6 months on average, they perhaps could warn their prospective partners. But when does this ever happen? That's 100% aro-logic, "Dear Alice, my romantic relationships don't last very long. Don't expect more than 3 month. 6 would be my record. With Love, Bob". Realistically it doesn't work that way. Virtually never. Not showering with over-the-top declarations of love and giv
  9. Sex is not a need like food or shelter, which is necessary for survival. I would've noticed, in COVID heydays it's impossible* for me to have any. It's still a physiological drive.... basically it depends on the person.... from aces to people who get quite psychologically unstable without it for too long. * difficult, dangerous and illegal to initiate without navigating 1000000 capriciously ever-changing COVID bylaws, though nobody really cares about them anyway In all fairness, "amoral" is a strong accusation. It seems just "absurd" to me. The pretensions don't fit the real
  10. So it comes from an Algonquian language, or from "spunk". Let's pretend we all just know the original meaning: "spunk" is a kind of touchwood. Yeah, that's not realistic... It's a male sex slave in prison slang. Interestingly, Shakespeare used "puncke" as a term for a female sex worker. Also "Punke" is a local obsolete word in German for female sex worker. Don't know what's with this p-u-n-k sound combination that does people make such strange connections....
  11. The issue is similar like with "monosexual". But "allosexual" is a much more needed term to express ourselves concisely. The problem is that romanticism and sexuality are only vaguely equivalent. Analogies fail soon. E.g. while media is full of positive depictions of sexuality, it's not so consistently. "Sex" is part of the infamous "sex, money, power" triad -- the attitude about all three is not that they're unequivocal goods. But conflicted and tangled up in knots and knots ... romantic love OTOH is regarded as very close to an unequivocal good. So it's not symmetric to sha
  12. What I meant here was: The language surrounding romance is very rarely serious. That is, it should not to be understood literally. It's chock full of "cutesy" metaphors, teasing, cringy jokes and wild exaggerations. The intentions behind it are nonetheless mostly very serious. Including for third-parties like "concerned parents". It can be compared to the job seeking process. The intentions are very serious here, but what is said in the process should not be taken seriously at all. This is of course a problems for aros, who simply do not have any desire to engage with that nonse
  13. But the response was "She doesnโ€™t realize what nature made her lose". Quite melodramatic compared to "You're missing something". When youth ends the life experiences of modern humans strongly separate depending on career, education, wealth, etc. Which makes the supposed shared commonalities such a big deal. Enjoying the Harry Potter series isn't regarded as such a commonality. For a good chunk of the population they're lowbrow genre novels. Another large chunk doesn't read fiction at all. Few are upset by this. But romance is different. It's number 1 of supposed shared universal
  14. To be fair, nobody takes that term seriously. It's obviously meant to be funny. I just don't get the joke.
  15. Lucky you. My sister is pregnant. It has stopped now. Can't still believe it. No, it sounds like from a comedy about an ultra-religious family:"How often do you pray? We just want to know your pray pattern!" Sorry, sorry, I know, I know, you mean "prey pattern". Aaand that sounds weird.
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