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  1. Oh… I remember. This thread. Don’t be shy, you yourself started it! And well … I even posted there…
  2. Really??? Maybe we should start a thread “The most bearable romantic movies”.
  3. “Squid Game” until recently was the most-viewed series on Netflix … and I’m just totally in love with it, really, really. It’s been a looooooooong time that my tastes align with the mainstream. I’m still a bit surprised about its success … because romance does not occur. I think it’s a must-watch for aros, hehe. I just LOVE how much importance it places on non-romantic relationships between humans. So what do you think? Did you watch “Squid Game” and enjoy it?
  4. Why is this a crisis again? You’re still allowed to post here even if you aren’t aro 😉
  5. I’m too aro to understand the concept of “intimacy”. For me there’s (a) simply … sex, (b) physical affection (like cuddling) and (c) emotional trust. I like them all, but care the most about (c) and the least about (b). It’s (c) that I really, really, really want. (a) is the spice of my life. And (b) is nice to have but I could do without.
  6. That still doesn’t sound so bad… I felt positively suffocated and then became resentful of my partner because of that romo stuff. Who did nothing wrong (I mean she just followed the usual [?] romo-script). Really bad, I felt guilty afterwards for a long time. I still think she was great as a friend. The nice memories I have were the two of us playing video games, just completely innocent, like friends or siblings, no romo, no sex.
  7. Duh… am I the only one? In Demon’s Souls Remake I play the game with a thief character called “Aro Aromanticus” – with green hair… sadly assassin isn’t available as a starting class!
  8. I guess that I’m speaking for all those people out of the loop: What is OC? Original character?
  9. I don’t notice a difference regarding squishes for me, it depends on personality, maybe age to a minor degree, but not gender. But I still notice gender in general. I mean girls / women are on average more emotionally open, which I strongly prefer.
  10. Aromantic, demiromantic, etc. are really just label that are supposed to help you in communicating how you feel and to create a sense of community, or a relief to know that there are other people who feel like you. But if you identify with a label, you still wake up the next morning as the same person. The decisions you make OTOH make a concrete difference. Like: Do I want to make further attempts at a romantic relationship? Theoretically, theoretically if you do not, you may miss the love of your life! IDK in your case. Personally after a long period of doubt I don’t regret that I just 100% removed the romo-part from my life. Contrary to all the cultural programming, I simply do not miss it at all. I like to get “friend-zoned”. But I also 100% know that I would regret never having sex.
  11. you get an F. You cannot simply pick all Marvel movies when asked about your favorite movie!! you’re someone who would fly off the Bridge of Death over the Gorge of Eternal Peril.
  12. DeltaV

    Marriage? Why?

    Catholic sexual morality is basically completely detached from modern life. This is not meant as a value judgment. I just state a fact. Masturbation, contraception, extramarital sex, homosexuality and so on, are all mortal sins. The prohibitions are so strict you'd expect them from a high-control religious group. I mean they’re indeed even more strict than that. Even Jehovah’s Witnesses still allow contraception. Even the most fundamentalist and traditional Islamic schools have a more permissive attitude towards masturbation (it’s a sin – but not one that potentially merits eternal damnation). So the Catholic Church is really odd. I mean the rules are extreme, but there are 1,3 billion Catholics on this planet. So high control is not possible. And the result is that obviously most do not care and it’s regarded as a moderate religion. Now for all those faults, romance doesn’t play a big role in the Catholicism. There are basically no rules about what marriage should be like, as long as you follow all the rules about … basically … sex. While today a marriage without romantic attraction would be regarded as “wrong” / deeply dysfunctional.
  13. oh god, I just hate that… it also happens irl… it must be some weird alloromo thing, that only they do notice. I felt sooo excluded. “tHe wAY sHe LoOkS aT hIm !!” – yes????? how??? I don‘t notice anything!
  14. Yoda would great. “If you do not know crush, aro you may be” But: The Walt Disney Company owns the copyright for Yoda. Free Yoda!!! Yoda would be more like a mascot. Yoda is not a pride animal!
  15. bunny (1) [no letters shared, Sailor Moon’s name is Bunny Tsukino]
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