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  1. It's true about the favoriting system with adoption agencies. They tend to prefer cis hetero couples over everyone else.
  2. Merida from Brave is a huge aromantic icon. She is everything aromantic in nature and desire, and even wears the color green and always has her arrows. A lot of people want her to be a lesbian, but I want Elsa from Frozen to be aromantic. She can just stay single and continue to get all the love and happiness she needs from her sister Anna as well as other friends she manages to make in her kingdom.
  3. I’m not a giant shipper but I do it some, if it really seems to fit.
  4. Here are some from marvel: (Anything that hasn’t been cannoned but still could happen later does not count, like Captain America and the Winter Solider.) Black Widow and Captain America Captain America And The Falcon Thor And Hulk Iron Man and War Machine Iron Man And Hulk Star Lord And Drax Rocket And Groot Jane And Darcy Iron Man and Captain America There’s more, but these are just a few. Marvel tends to have better platonic relationships that romantic ones, and they tend to be especially strong with Captain America.
  5. Not sure what I’m doing yet. Every year I make Valentines Day a celebration of family and friends and might have a discussion with peers about how underrated platonic relationships are for aromantic awareness week.
  6. It sucks when people aren’t supportive. Some are, but sometimes for the wrong reasons.
  7. Nice, mine didn’t care. At least it didn’t make her super mad.
  8. I friend zoned someone before and then they never want to speak to me again, more than once I am afraid.
  9. Less worries about another person romantically and more time to myself is nice while still enjoy the thoughts and entertainment that comes with it only being in theory.
  10. Feeling left behind because people tend to talk about their romantic relationships in the light while leaving my platonic ones in the dark. It’s a hard feeling that can often be lonely.
  11. Crush- Romantic Squish- Platonic
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