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The Papocalypse


Join or nah?  

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Embrace the papocalypse! JOIN US! JOIN US!


Dunno what a papo is? Here's papo:



Danny's Papos



Other's Papos (not all of them)



Brsajo's papos:



Let this thread be dedicated to the worship and appreciation of the papo family. Join us. Join the papo family. Join the papocalypse. The spudpocalypse is no more. THE PAPOCALYPSE REINS SUPREME!!!

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44 minutes ago, Starry Sky said:

I have joined. Mine has a fruit hat :3

Welcome to the papocalypse Starry! :icecream:


Also :revolutionpapo:




We should make a list of all the papo people. I think it's around 12 by now xD 


EDIT: Also :cactuspapo:



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If anyone wants their own papoticon, just message me with what you want it to look like and the colour of the background (if you want a background so you can use it for your avatar or something). 


By the way, I'm constantly updating the imgur album, so be sure to check it regularly for papo goodness!

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On 11/07/2016 at 11:42 AM, AlexisS said:

I'd like to join too! :P 

But I've got no idea how to (especially the papoticon one) - Can I pick one of the papos you guys made, or should I draw it myself? O.o 

You can use any papos that no one else has taken regardless of whether you made it yourself or not. Dodgypotato currently uses a papo that I made (which brsajo vectorised to make it look better).


I think the papos that have already been taken are: :arocapapo: (danny), :lordpapo: (me), :sirpapo: (dodgypotato), :nekopapo: (redneko),  :darthstonedpapo: (omitef), :piratepapo: (tal), :quiopapo: (brsajo), :acepapo: (aussiekirkland), :fruitypapo: (starry sky), :penpapo: (aihpen), :kakapapo: (kakapapo), :owlpapo: (simowl), :yarrpapo: (saaaro), :arolovepapo: (xavo).


Of course, if you have an idea for a papo and don't think you could do a good job of making it yourself, brsajo has said that he can make it for you.


EDIT: PHOENIX ADDED THE PAPOTICONS! THE PAPOCALYPSE IS COMING! :yespapo::arolovepapo::aropridepapo::papo:

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4 hours ago, Louis Hypo said:

Do you have introvert papo? Because after today I feel very introverted.


At the moment, no, but if you'd like to make an introvert papo yourself, you can. Or you can ask one of us to make it for you!

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I`m about to do it, but it may be a bit obscure!

OK now that a) that`s done and b) I`m a seasoned vexillologist, I might just make a papo for as many flags as possible on the basis that I can only fill to one colour: each quarter around papo, papo`s body and each of papo`s ears and eyes!

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