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  1. Welcome! And congrats on your successful identification with aromanticism. It's really liberating to know you're not the only one who feels certain way, right?
  2. Yes, similar situation in korea. Although it's not just about sex ed... Even a single mention of LGBTQ+, not only at school but in any kind of public/social circumstances, is still a huge taboo. It has to be talked about either very privately or within the LGBTQ+ communities itself. I think I read some article about the statistics which showed that in Korea the percentage of people who are absolutely sure none of their friends/acquaintances would be LGBTQ+ is ridiculously high -> which implies the society makes LGBTQ+ people in Korea even more closeted.
  3. @Sooty Owl I'm so sorry you had to go through that..
  4. Welcome aboard!! (and more icecream )
  5. ↑ yes, sadly this happens often, as if I can't know for sure unless I meet 'enough' number of males. But interestingly I've also experienced the opposite way of thinking from one person (Btw, I'm aro ace and AFAB) A friend of mine who is lesbian tried to bring me to reason that I could be a lesbian-in-denial and that I should try romantic/sexual relationships with female-bodied people before I give up(?). This conversation happened when I first mentioned of me possibly being aro/ace to her about a year ago. And it actually convinced me to try - because who knows?
  6. This is an interesting thread, so I'll contribute one of mine. I'm an autochorissexual, which is a type of asexuality but could be considered gray in many aspects. So I made a post on AVEN that basically points out how its characteristics look similar to that of allosexuality but in fact not quite really. Here's a link to it if you're curious enough to read my boring essay-ish post : http://www.asexuality.org/en/topic/142012-similarities-and-differences-between-allosexuals-and-autochorissexuals/?p=1061824945
  7. Holy s**t I'm also INTJ (I took the test in Korean )
  8. I'm really glad you made it through that conversation with your mum
  9. I joined too! :ninjapapo: looks awesome @DannyFenton123
  10. I'd like to join too! But I've got no idea how to (especially the papoticon one) - Can I pick one of the papos you guys made, or should I draw it myself?
  11. AlexisS


    Welcome on board
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