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  1. @Sooty Owl I'm so sorry you had to go through that..
  2. Holy s**t I'm also INTJ (I took the test in Korean )
  3. I feel so much same when this happens..!
  4. For me, the most annoying prejudice people have about aros is that we're heartless creatures. This has bugged me a lot, because I also used to think of myself to be selfish and heartless when I ended my past relationships. (I didn't know aromanticism was a thing back then) The internalized amatonormativity was so damn crippling that I felt like I was a heartless b*tch who couldn't appreciate love and romantic gestures the others gave me. And the self-hate also got more intense when I actually felt happier as I finally got out of the relationships. I'm usually compassionate and empathetic for the other things. But the thing I just don't get and relate to is romance and anything related to it. Romance and love are not what make a person complete, for goodness sake!
  5. I like to drink, and I kind of like the *tipsy* state that comes along with it. I get more relaxed and slightly talkative when I drink(I'm rather quiet when sober) I guess I enjoy these little changes in me. But I try not to drink too much. I really really hate hangovers
  6. Okay, so I do feel sensual attractions, but only in very specific occasions (so it rarely happens). For example, if I have a night out at a club with friends of mine, and ready to enjoy the atmostphere and dancing, I'm inclined to touch and be touched(incl. kissing and hugs) I don't know why, but partying atmosphere usually feels less intimate and personal to me, so I feel more comfortable when it comes to touching as long as it's guaranteed to last for a short amount of time. But then, if the touch gets too heavy, or if someone wants a private talk with me, or wants to carry it on somewhere else, it's a big no-no. If someone insists, I'll call it a night straight off and go home by myself. So in my case, touch is a-okay if situation allows and I'm ready to enjoy the exciting atmosphere. But I just don't like when it lasts too long(like long makeout session ugh please no), or in any private and secluded area like dark alley, rooms, hotels, home, etc. When the situation becomes romantic or private or sexual, sensual touches hold no appeal to me anymore. To sum it up, I like hugs and kisses in some (few) occasions, but cuddles are probably never going to be my thing.
  7. 25, and will be 26 in this year October!
  8. When I was in 4th grade in elementary school, I used to hang out with a boy sitting next to me in the class (we had a fixed seat) Now I know he had a crush on me back then, and the other girls in class probably saw that too, so they were like 'Ooh you two get along so well, do you like him?' I didn't know what 'like someone romantically' or 'crush' felt like, so I just thought 'Yeah maybe he's my crush?' (I assumed, getting along so well with him meant that I liked him, therefore him becoming my 'crush') I even tried to test myself if I felt those butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling when I thought of him. Afterall, I chose him to be my crush Anyways, nothing happened in my stomach, so I figured it didn't work that way, and life went on. I still don't know what having a crush feels like, so I guess that was just little-me being me
  9. I haven't focused much on my gender until recently, since I've been too caught up with figuring things out about my aro/ace identity. But now that it's somewhat settled, I found myself thinking more and more about my gender identity(or lack thereof) I often find myself disturbed/annoyed/mad when I get called 'girl', 'lady', 'woman', etc, but then some other time I don't notice it at all. Sometimes I catch myself acting 'feminine' but the next moment I internally beat myself up for having done that. So far, I think I might be genderfluid(demigirl, neutrois, agender, i-don't-know-where-i-belong-maybe-a-mix, etc). But even by now, I'm not entirely sure if my gender changes at certain point, or I'm agender and genderblind towards myself until someone else points out I'm a female bodied person so I get social disphoria. Guess I won't be a help to you since I'm also quite new to coming to terms with this self-discovery. Oh well
  10. Same here. But then I actually stopped the test halfway through because I was getting tired of writing too many 'No's on every question. So I may or may not have scored more than 10, but I'm pretty sure it's lower than 20.
  11. I'm a bad aro because • I enjoy the hell out of shipping characters in fictions, animes, etc. (I don't like to imagine romance in first-person perspective though, because if I imagine a romance between myself and them, it's no fun whatsoever. Romantically(?) turned off. Big no-no. I just like when they have one another ) • I enjoy being physicially affectionate with someone I'm sensually/aesthetically attracted to (briefly, and not to the point of sex).
  12. I thought I was straight by default until almost mid-twenties. Then I realized I sort of found girls attractive too. Since I never had a crush on guys, I thought maybe I could be lesbian or bi. So I had to try, to see if it's right. **Cues lots of internal chaos, confusion, and unwanted sex* These past few experiences showed me who I was, and now I identify as aro/ace with some pan-sensual traits. (I don't know if the word 'pan-sensual' even exists, but I used it anyways to describe it in one word ) I occasionally feel sensual or aesthetic attractions towards someone with feminine looks, regardless of their assigned sex or gender. This was probably the reason why I thought I might be bi back then, because I assumed these sensual and aesthetic attractions were something romantic or sexual (which were not )
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