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  1. Do you still want grandchildren from me, mom? Gimme enough $ for a 1-bedroom and we're talking (I'll obv just rent it out but it's none of her business). No $ -> no extra grandchildren
  2. You're so good at tracking your habits TW: demotivator:
  3. People neglecting real or functional analysis are my pet peeve, you'd better do that homework
  4. Ironically, my experience is similar to this: I've started suspecting that I can be regarded as a 'libidoist aro ace' in the AVEN context and an 'aro straight' in the context of this thread, i.e. that the classification depends on the community.
  5. To use sexuality as an example, I could coin a term like 'acoitality' for my unwillingness to have intercourse (whereas my attitude to other types of sex is unknown as I've never found myself in a situation where I'd really have to give it a thought), but I'm sure hardly anyone would adopt such a term. The same goes for romance - a good example of a QPP request form is very detailed and, for many possible combinations of affectionate activities listed there, there are likely people who wish to do that but not anything else. And it's quite similar to other habits and hobbies - while people are getting to know each other, they learn what they can do together and what the partner doesn't like them doing. The incompatibilities that are total deal-breakers for some (like kissing, gifts or dancing) pop up quite fast anyway, plus you can warn a potential partner about them if you're expecting such things from them as per your local culture. If they become insulted by your unwillingness to do 'standard' things, then they're not worth your time anyway as they wouldn't tolerate your finer peculiarities later on. And you should be able to assert in a convo that, in the free modern society, you're a person in your own right and don't owe any of those things to anyone. Aka, 'the relationship is free and provided 'as is' with no warranty or liability for damages'.
  6. No matter how to formulate a definition, it will be too general anyway... isn't it easier to handle requests for romance on a case-by-case basis as they appear, e.g. if someone wants to kiss (cuddle / cohabit / whatever you don't wish), explain to them that you don't do this particular stuff with anyone and the fact that you don't wish to do this with them doesn't mean you don't value them. The stuff that you're willing to do may be changing over time, too. It looks like my identity has made a 180-degree turn over the last 2 years, haha. Or maybe this approach works well only for asocial people like me who hardly ever get such requests and hardly ever have this topic raised in convos anyway To my relatives, I just tell without fancy terms that I'm not going to cohabit with anyone, and this already gives them all the necessary info. The exact definition of aromanticism will be an open question for long because different people and cultures have different views on what is romantic.
  7. That's a curious observation. I'm actually a pervert but I can't afford to let anyone know what my fantasies are, so from the outside, I'm indistinguishable from an aro.
  8. I hold the unpopular opinion that my aromanticism has been caused by whatever undiagnosed mental issues I have (which might be schizoid, avoidant, borderline or autistic spectrum), but I don't mind my personality the way it is - the aromanticism is making my life so much easier to plan.
  9. Do you really think that eating 3 packs of Japanese seaweed papos has given me too many calories? Shouldn't I trust the nutritional info on the packs that says they give only a few dozen kcal?
  10. So were papos the real reason for my summer weight gain that I'm having trouble reverting?
  11. What's more harmful to the health, papos or spuds?
  12. I remember having a dream where the object of my aesthetic attraction at that time hinted to me to propose marriage to her, which I refused to do and woke up in horror instead
  13. Which software do you mean? Is IrfanView OK or is GIMP pretty necessary?
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