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  1. I haven't stated outright that I'm Aromantic to my brothers, but I've said several romance non-comforming things; not wanting to marry for romantic reasons, not wanting to date, the whole bit. My brothers are chill with it. Though it's not surprising considering they're pretty chill with all my identities. The only other people in my family that are relatively close to my age are my cousins from my mom's side. Even then they're like 10+ years older than me. I don't interact with them much so there's no reason or point to come out to them or discuss much of anything.
  2. Wow I haven't been on here in a long while...

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      Hi again. Don't worry, we still remember you :)

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      You're always welcome here. :icecream:

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  3. Technically happened last night but someone very dear to me went out of his way to cheer me up and learn about pronouns/addressing pronouns and trans/nonbinary identities :^)
  4. I'm gonna focus on the good vibe songs that I've connected with rather than the more angsty-feelsey ones. Gold by Owl City Shooting Star by Owl City Gosh Adam Young in general...I've liked his music for a long while now. It's been with me through middle school, when Fireflies first gained popularity. His usual upbeat, catchy, and whimsical lyrics parted those metaphorical clouds that darkened my skies during rougher patches of my life. These two songs specifically speak to my creative and artsy side. It's basically him singing "don't let your muse die out! Keep creating!" which means a lot coming from an artist that actually gets the struggles of motivation. Gym Leader's Final Stand from Pokemon Black/White/Black2/White2 I have been a pokemon for approx. 17 years. This is my favorite game franchise by miles. I've never had a "too cool for Pokemon phase" and I see no future where I'm living without it. Its practically in my blood at this point. I very clearly remember the hype behind Black and White's release. And it didn't disappoint. I was engrossed in my White version. The headphones never came out during my first playthrough. This game was amazing because of how innovative it was, both in and out of battles. One of these new additions happened during battles with gym leaders, who are a big deal in the games. They test your skill, smarts, and power as a trainer. If you can't beat them, you can't move on. When their final Pokemon comes out, your heart stops, knowing that this is it. This is the last obstacles between you and victory. You have to make the most of it. One slip up could call the curtains for your team . And boy-oh-boy could a song ever embody all those feelings at once. All the joy, apprehension, exhilaration, and tension of the last minutes of a battle all wrapped up in this amazing yet short song. You've trained so hard and made it this far. There's no way you can stop now. I can't forget how my breath caught in my throat, my eyes widened, and this huge grin appeared on my face when I heard this song for the very first time. That was the moment that I knew for certain that Black/White were going to be good games. (and hey, they remain my favorite Pokemon games to this day!) (Hmmm...can you tell I love pokemon? I'm not sure I made that clear enough...heh heh)
  5. If you're looking for anime I 100% recommend Sakamoto Desu Ga? Its a comedy about a High School student in Japan who has a reputation for being really cool and suave. Sakamoto meets opposition, but he ends up fixing it perfectly (and in pretty over the top fashions). My favorite part about it is how he completely ignores all romantic gestures/turns it around so he doesn't have to deal with it (thusly, I 100% HC Sakamoto as aromantic). Like, I was literally in tears screaming "same" at certain parts Sakamoto dodged the affections of his admirers. There is a tad bit of romance between the main character and another, but it is endearing since it's a cute gay ship. I watch it over here at kissanime.
  6. Hahah, it's hard for me to think that way sometimes, especially in the tumblr-sphere. But that's a whole 'nother monster. In any case, thank you for the kind message, it means so much! [takes the hearts and runs] :^D
  7. I'd like to think I'm decently thick skinned. Years of being bullied and being an artist definitely contributed to that. I never thought being aromantic could as well. I guess, when thinking about it, it may have the opposite effect in some cases? Like when people comment on potential romantic relationships, "when are you getting married", things like that. For me particularly, I can easily shrug off rude for the sake of being rude criticisms, but when it comes to romantic stuff, I get a bit more sensitive. I'm pretty openly frustrated when anyone throws criticisms at that aspect of my life.
  8. My experience as an aroflux person certainly has me constantly questioning if I'm a "bad" aromantic person. Because I sometimes do experience some levels of romantic attraction, and sometimes for a long period of time (days, weeks...). There are days that falling in love sounds exciting, and how it'd be awesome to spend my life with a person or people the way a non-aromantic person does. It's a confusing experience. By the end of the day I'm probably feeling guilty and/or unworthy of the aromantic title.
  9. Completely agree with this! Each gen's pkmn has their ups and downs, but I find it kind of unfair to only callout the newer ones when they have plenty of intriguing trivia and lore attributed to them (See: The trivia section of any Pokemon's page on Bulbapedia). I mean, Vanillite's trivia is at least more expansive than, say, Geodude's. Not bad for an ice cream cone! Course, people can like what pokemon they want. I have no problem with it and am more than happy to celebrate someone's favorites! It's just a little community pet peeve of mine. :^) -- Someone on tumblr hypothesized that the starters' theme is circus performers, similar to how Kalos' starters were based around RPG classes: Chesnaught = Knight/warrior Delphox = Mage Greninja = Rouge/Ninja So the new starters would be: Rowlet = ringmaster Popplio = Clown Litten = Circus Lion I'm completely on board with this!
  10. [sticks my leg up in the air] nice

  11. In order from most liked to least liked: 1. Rowlet 2. Popplio 3. Litten 100% getting Rowlet but I will protect Popplio with my life. I lose a little bit of my soul every time I hear someone say Gamefreak is running out of ideas in regards to pokemon designs LMAO
  12. hooo HOO jimmy whetzel's streams are a wild ride

  13. All PDA annoys and disgusts me no matter the context. I can't really help that, it's very instinctual for me. But I'm trying really hard to develop patience, because not all of it is bad, as shown by your traffic light analogy. Does anyone else have that instinctual disgust and/or annoyance? It's something I really struggle with and I'd like to know if anyone has discovered a way to deal with it.
  14. When I was younger I'd flux between getting Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff on quizzes. The former is both weird and oddly satisfying because I didn't feel as if I fit the "Ravenclaw mold"--I had/still have a learning disability and wasn't good at learning or school. Nowadays I get Hufflepuff nine times out of ten. Most of my family is in Hufflepuff as well, the exception being my dad and brother #2, who are both in Ravenclaw. As for Percy Jackson, I took this quiz and got Hades. That's....interesting.Hades do you only ever have LGBTQ+ children LMAO I haven't read divergent nor do I plan to, so nothing there.
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