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Shy Newbie Says Hi


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Hi everyone! I'm Eri, I'm a 17 year old genderfluid person (they or xe pronouns, please and thanks ^_^), pansexual, and a romance-repulsed aromantic (apothiromantic is the word here, right?) from Pennsylvania.

For a long time I ID'd just as demisexual because I couldn't conceive of a separate feeling "between" friendship and sexual attraction and it made more sense to younger me, since I'd only ever been in a relationship with one person. I realized there might be more to it when I saw the term aromantic and remembered how I felt when my ex would try to carry my books for me or give me candy or other romantic gestures. It got to the point that he asked me "are you allergic to kindness or something?" Now I know the "or something" was aromanticism.

I'm REALLY happy to see this forum because MGA aros tend to get "thrown under the bus" so to speak, as the "stereotypical" promiscuous bi/pan person, and most of the other aro forums are more for asexual people, and it doesn't make sense for me (a really sexual pan person) to be on an ace forum (ahh look at me ramble...)

Anyways, besides all of that label stuff, I play music (flute, mainly), read, write, knit, and do divination (for fun/party tricks, not as a job).

Also I just got back from a hiking trip across the bottom of the Grand Canyon which was hella swella.

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33 minutes ago, XesEri said:

it doesn't make sense for me (a really sexual pan person) to be on an ace forum (ahh look at me ramble...)


I so just made a point about that today! xD It is weird, right? Welcome to Arocalypse! :D:icecream:

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I relate to you very much!


I'm aro/ace but I just can't relate to alloromantic aces on the other forums:/ I identify much better with aro-spec people (sexual or not)

So I don't go to AVEN that much any more. Arocalypse became my go-to forum 9_9

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