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  1. I can completely relate. I've had to share a bed with friends and family members on occasion, and I hate it. When I was little, I distinctly remember wondering how people in romantic relationships dealt with this problem. Nobody could possibly want to share a bed, right? I remember assuming this was just another price you had to pay if you got married
  2. Thanks . I basically tried to use as many resources as I could find. Mainly I used a textbook and Talk to Me in Korean for grammar stuff, and I watched and listened to a lot of Korean entertainment (Kdramas, Kpop, variety shows, etc.) for listening practice. Obviously, I couldn't really do conversation practice by myself I honestly don't know why I like Korean so much, but I've always thought it was an interesting language linguistically.
  3. 한국어를 잘 못 하는데 조금 할 수 있다. 저음에 혼자서 배우지만 한국어 너무 재미있어서 대학권에서 한국어 공부하기로 결정했다. (Not sure if that made sense--I'm still learning ) I've also studied ASL, Spanish, Japanese, and Hindi to varying degrees. The only one I was ever close to fluent in was ASL. It's been a long time since I've used it though, so I've lost a lot unfortunately.
  4. I'm not touch averse, but I'm not a physically affectionate person either. I like hugs most of the time, but that's about it. I tend to get annoyed if people are too physically affectionate with me; it makes me a little uncomfortable.
  5. Nope. I hate the taste of alcohol, and I hate the idea of anything impairing my judgement. Since I don't like the taste or the idea of being tipsy/drunk, and it's expensive, I see no reason to drink.
  6. I still feel this way....I don't mind love songs per se, but I do get annoyed that they account for the vast majority of popular songs.
  7. Went to a couple of bookshops I hadn't been to before and also bought some summer clothes! (This is more exciting when you're as hard to fit as I am...)
  8. Maybe it would be easier to look at it from a different (non-romantic) angle? The play isn't really about romance at all--the love story is just a catalyst. It's about the devastating effects of hatred and prejudice. It's about how the very people who were supposed to be guiding and protecting what was most precious to them--their children--were in fact the cause of their destruction due to the families' own blind hatred. Viewed from this lens, Romeo (and Juliet) was just a kid who was sacrificed at the alter of prejudice. His family wouldn't listen to what he had to say and pushed him further and further, not realizing the damage they were doing by forcing their own views onto him. He refused to buy into their prejudice and fought it, but ended up losing out in the end because he was a kid with little power. (Sorry, I'm a huge Shakespeare fan--I'll stop going on about it now )
  9. Interesting topic. Hmm...let's see. I can't think of many off the top of my head, but here are a few noticable ones for me (two of which you mentioned): I don't get squishes I often enjoy fictional romance My friendships are less intense and emotionally involved than most people's (romantic and aromantic)--I prefer casual friendships
  10. I think for me it wasn't just the lack of interest in dating, but the fact that I found the very notion of me being in a relationship ludicrous. As in I would literally laugh if someone asked if I was dating or if so-and-so was my boyfriend. I just couldn't imagine any reason why I would do such a thing. From the looks people gave me, I realized this was not a normal reaction and tried to stifle it. Side note: When I was trying to type the word "ludicrous," it was flagged by spellcheck. It took me a minute to realize I had spelled it "ludacris" like the rapper
  11. Ugh, that's terrible. I'm sorry you had to deal with that. But I don't think you handled it so badly. I'm not sure how I would've handled that...I probably would have just gotten angry. Ha. Usually when stuff like that happens, when I feel like someone has disrespected me (or others), I get mad and don't hide it. It's honestly the one surefire way to overcome my social anxiety--get me mad, and I suddenly get quite assertive . If the group did that of their own accord and without the guy's consent, I would probably tell them off and take him aside and be nicer about it. But if the guy was involved, I would just tell them all off and not care about embarrassing him. No one should be pressured like that--it's selfish and disrespectful. I'm told I can be pretty harsh though, so I can understand taking a softer approach as well.
  12. Absolutely not. I have zero desire to have children. Being aro ace could be effecting things, but I honestly don't think so. I don't think my personality or temperament are suited to raising children. I'm not good at relationships in general, and I think that would have a very negative effect on any potential children. I would feel very irresponsible raising kids, even if I wanted them, since I feel like I would make a bad parent. I don't think that would be fair to the child at all.
  13. My projects are in, and as of today my exams are finished! I barely know what to do with myself now.
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