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Does anyone else think about the opposite sex?


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I don't really think about other people. But then, I don't have any friends or to think of. I'm not interested in the people who are in my life, except for my family, who IDK I guess they're alright.


did I think about girls when I was younger? I guess, yeah I did, I thought about them. but then, I do feel alterous attraction, so that's why I thought of them. I would notice liking someone. but to be honest, I didn't really think about them much beyond that. In college, I'd be very social, visiting friends and hanging out with friends a lot. I didn't really think about anyone beyond interacting with them though.


so I don't think I feel romantic attraction, and I'm asexual, so like, idk. 


I would think about people I made up. But I'd make up people of both male and female characters. But that's something I did think about, ironic isn't it, I think about people I make up more than people irl. But I don't do that anymore. IDK why I stopped. I used to have a very active imagination.


so that's my experience with thinking about other people. I don't really do it beyond interacting with them.

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If its in a platonic way, yes. Before discovering my aro-ace I thought of everyone in a sexual scenario but it was out of curiosity, and a bit of social pressure to have sex since at that time I was in college and everyone around me talked about sex. Now, I just think in a platonic way, since I've had sex, it was eh and now my curiosity is sated so no need to think of something when I know the answer I was looking for. I am discovering my gender identity so in a binary scenario I guess that is a no. I don't think of guys, just if they can bring me a good benefit (which in most scenarios they can't unless is free food). I think now more of girls but is because my assigned sex isn't what I feel comfy,and looking at the binary (which is a simplistic and questionably way of looking at it) I identify more with being female even though I dont like the binary.

Idk if that answers your question but yeah. Boys, icky. Girls, interesting. People outside the binary, good.

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