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  1. i would have loved to know i was aro around 2016-2018, back when i was caught on exclusionist tumblr 😅
  2. not sure why ask here out of all places but where did you hear this or get this snippet from? maybe that'll help.
  3. definitely this, i might also suggest finding hobbies or interests to try and take your mind off the person? i believe some time apart could be beneficial in this case, log out and spend time off social media if possible.
  4. no need to apologize! i agree with the comment above, while blushing is a common thing in crushes, it doesn't neccessarily mean there's attraction.
  5. currently on my first week of vacation, can't wait to see what hybrid is all about 😅

  6. i think of men whenever i think about how i'd like to have children, but it never goes beyond that
  7. got aromantic the first time and cupioromantic on the second try 💁‍♀️
  8. i agree with this definition, "qp" (term that doesn't really apply here) attraction and romantic attraction are both similar concepts with the difference that one is based more on platonic connotations, but then again qprs are very diverse in the attraction felt so i don't think it's fair to compare it to romantic relationships.
  9. i also felt awkward most of the time in high school, i always thought that no one in my group was really "my type". it did get annoying hearing the same relationship drama over and over though, and sometimes they would come up to me for advice 🤦‍♀️
  10. not sure if its been mentioned before, but both kissing booth movies. the plot is stupid, all 3 main characters are annoying, and it's overall kinda cringy (the omg girls....). not to mention that the friendship elle and the other guy (lee i think was his name) had going on is just incredibly unrealistic and it was almost obsession from the guy's part (the fact that he was ignoring his girlfriend during half of the sequel) and also i just don't like noah, elle should have stayed with the dancing guy from the second movie.
  11. ilse

    am i aro?

    this part is similar to many aro discovery stories i've seen, the whole being uninterested in romantic relationships and crushing on someone just because people expect you to, that's a pretty big sign that you could be aro. though, at the end of the day, you know yourself better than anyone; so if you think aro fits, i say go for it 🙋‍♀️
  12. so according to your friend aro people can't get to know others anymore or start friendships, that's certainly the first time i've seen that take. i guess we can't truly comprehend the art of asking someone what's their favorite color 🤷‍♀️
  13. personally 1 looks a little weird to me and 2 is too dark. i think 3 looks really nice though my only complain would be that it kind of resembles the lesbian flag and people might say it's a copy, but other than that it's the one i like the most.
  14. i agree with nonmerci here, i saw someone once define it as this urge/desire to be the other person's everything, that makes you think about them constantly or get nervous around them. i've never experienced romantic feelings so i can't truly describe it (like the majority here).
  15. there was a whole discussion about this one question on tumblr before, it didn't end so well...
  16. while i do check off as queer in a number of boxes, i don't like using it to label myself for mostly personal reasons. being aromantic certainly differs from the norm, it's kind of amazing just how much importance romantic love has in society.
  17. ilse

    Corrupt a Wish

    covid-19 disappears.... at the cost of the planet exploding. but hey! that means no more pandemics! i wish the moon was pink.
  18. false, it's 9pm currently. TPBM has eaten sushi before.
  19. i always saw it as aroace but with a preference (when it comes to QPRs), however i'm not aroace so it's not really my conversation.
  20. Lucky - Lucky Twice i really like 2000s pop, felt like this song could make it to the list (plus it's about loving yourself 🙇‍♀️)
  21. i've certainly had to go through this exact same scenario before, even now i continue to get asked this question 🙇‍♀️ i'm glad that you're starting to feel more comfortable, when it comes to sexuality, attraction and the like it always come with a lot of doubt from oneself, though with time it goes away 🙋‍♀️ (at least in some cases)
  22. while i haven't come out to my family or anyone irl yet, i just know my mom would tell me i'm being ridiculous 🧎‍♀️ glad to see your relatives reacted positively to your identity though.
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