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  1. Never been one for nightclubs, no. I go to a lot of lively concerts, but nightclubs just aren't my kinda place. It's probably the choice of music more than anything.
  2. Honestly I kind of want someone to fall in love with me just to validate "If I was a romantic, I'd be a good one." but I don't know if I'd be ready telling them that I'm probably not interested and it's 90% just because of my orientation.
  3. I'm sure a lot of traitors in the past had romantic-like feelings towards the insurrections they joined. Hell just look at any extremist on the internet nowadays who can't shut up about their ideology. Still doesn't change that you tried to directly undermine democracy and the importance of peaceful transfer of power. On the emphasis on an empathetic argument for him, I do have sympathy in my heart, I'm not a total monster, but I think it's important to recognize that there's lines that you can bring your pain to. This...is pretty far past it, I'd say.
  4. It's short, simple, gets the message across. I do get what you mean, though. One of my characters is aroace, and it feels awkward to just say 'aromantic' on paper, when saying that they aren't interested in anyone or not interested in either gender can mean anything to anyone. But romance is at the bottom of my story's focuses, so, not like anyone will probably notice nor care.
  5. What would it be other than The Lord of the Rings? Unoriginal answer, but you really can't just compete with the masterpiece of storytelling that it is. My favorite series as a child was Guardians of Ga'hoole, an amazing fantasy series where the characters were owls. I also found a cool new creature fantasy in a similar vein recently called Eyrie, which it, and the rest of its series is definitely a fun and interesting read I'd recommend. It's about Gryphons, and I think that might be enough to get your interest.
  6. I'm fine writing romance in my roleplays, but it's typically not part of my "main" character in each, persay. I play a lot of characters in one single roleplay, mostly, and I usually end up with a character that sort of ends of as the centerpiece, the one that I focus on the most. Anyways, they tend to be aromantic, or just way too focused on bigger matters to have time for a relationship. It's a dynamic I enjoy, especially if they're able to find a strong, platonic companionship throughout the journey. Typically the last thing I'd do is write romance for the sake of romance, it's always just a product of two characters that me and my partner write gravitating towards each other.
  7. Yep. You're probably right on that about ace metalheads, just wish I'd meet some at a show, lol. My biggest frustration with anything; you create some song, or perhaps a piece of fiction. You name it "Dragon." Why is it called Dragon? There's no Dragon, idiot! The name is a personification of my feeling towards sexual frustration and love! In heavy metal, you name something "Dragon", you're singing about a fucking dragon. It's probably why I like Type O, but I'm not apart of the massive hype they get. They were popular because they brought doom metal into a more contemporary framework of lyrics about love, sex and heartbreak. Granted, there's a lot of doom metal that I absolutely adore that focus on those themes, but it feels a lot more universal towards depression in general. Blind Guardian is always fun; there's a whole world of Tolkien themed metal out there. If you're willing to dip into Black Metal, Summoning bases all of their music off of Tolkien, and I recommend their worship band as well, Caladan Brood, which covers them a couple times, but also has songs about Malazan. Emyn Muil is also great Tolkien-music and Summoning worship, but also dips hard into epic-ambient type music, arguably one of their albums is hardly metal. but it's still good shit and I recommend.
  8. Quiet hours I suppose. And nice! I'm considering a pair of pigeons myself, but that's when I can get into a situation where I won't have to possibly rehome. Yes, I have heard of Sabaton, but I really don't get the hype, lol. Can't get into them. When it comes to "War Metal" I'm more into the actual genre of blackened death metal. Blasphemy, Archgoat, Sarcofago, Diocletian, if you know them. Power is still a fun genre, though. I lean towards greats like Manilla Road, Cirith Ungol, Visigoth, and Blind Guardian. If you like the theme of war, and are partial to death metal, I'll always recommend the one and only Bolt Thrower. Amazing death metal that you can apply to either real war, or Warhammer. I'd love to share recs anytime, lol. I've wasted too many hours of my life listening to album after album.
  9. Hey there, I'm Warhawk, but I also just like to go by Hawk online. I always describe myself as someone who 'likes birds, fantasy, and heavy fuckin' metal.' I've been identifying as Aro for a while, but I hadn't been around many other very aro spaces. I'm sex positive, but to be honest, sometimes it feels like as an ace, you're expected to be some sort of 'ace, but happily in a 100% innocent romantic relationship'. The idea that we should fit into a romantic, or sexual norm despite the differences of who we are. Note that I'm not at all knocking aces like this, I love all a-specs, just that it feels like what people expect of you to be sometimes. I've never really been interested in a romantic relationship. I get lonely, I wouldn't mind a life partner, but whenever the romantic or sexual baggage began to appear, it really started to put me off a lot. Some people like to think my identity somehow makes me more emotionally mature or smarter than others since I'm 'not driven by attraction or lust', but I always hated that as well. Just cause I take being lonely really well, and don't want a romantic relationship, doesn't mean I'm particularly special, and whatnot. Similarly, my own self-doubt and depression can make me feel like I'm just some loser in denial, who's never tried. Anyways, I'm glad to find so many other people that are aros like me, always good company. A bit more about me, I enjoy writing, and wish to be an author one day, but professionally I'm a student studying geography. I love heavy metal, especially extreme forms of metal. I'm a very avid birder as well, always trying to improve my bird photography. Nice to meet you all!
  10. Sometimes. I guess just because there's a lot of chicks in my life despite me being a very cis dude.
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