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So I'm not quite sure how to go about this so I'm just gonna wing it ^u^

Hi! I'm Aurore214 or Rose if you would prefer. I'm 18 years old and an AroAce. I've identified as asexual since I was 16 and spent quite a bit of time trying to pin down my romantic orientation. It wasn't long before I began hesitantly identifying as Aro. I think it was maybe a few months after I discovered Asexuality. Five maybe? I can't be too sure. I had a bit of trouble accepting that and I'm still working on it!  I was so excited when I saw the link to this forum on Tumblr because I've never actually met another person like me! I'm glad I have a chance to rectify that uwu!

I'm a little shy but I love to meet new people and would love to chat if anyone is interested!

-Rose : D

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Rose? *eyes your profile picture suspiciously* Did you mean Roxy? *laughs in Homestuck*


Welcome to The Arocalypse. :icecream:. I've been lithro-in-denial for awhile too, but the way you'll know you're aro is, the longer you identify as it, the better it feels. 

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Welcome to Arocalypse! :icecream::softserve: Nice to meet you :) 


I also had(/having) some trouble accepting being aromantic but I think being around in an aro community has certainly helped that, so hopefully it will help you too!

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