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  1. i see what youre saying? but there's a fundamental difference between being a part of a nebulously-defined community that isn't very cohesive and reclaiming a word that has been used to degrade specific parts of that nebulously-defined community. it isn't really about not being "oppressed enough". If youre not straight or not cis, you belong in the LGBT community. if youre both cis and het (sexual or romantic) and you use the q-slur, however, you risk appropriating a volatile word that has hurt a lot of people. i would totally understand this if the q-slur had gone out of
  2. yes!! gunnerkrigg! annie and kat's relationship is literally like the best one ive ever read? it's so supportive and they have bad times but they ultimately care about each other as people and they're able to work out their problems and ugh i just love these two fma is Quality™ and i need to re watch both of the series D: ^^^^this!!! i for one saw their relationship as pretty close to an actual sibling relationship - they disagreed a lot and grated on each other all the time, however, when it came down to it, they work well together! obvs it was dist
  3. last day of school forever!! just let me graduate already ugh i dont want to be in this weird limbo

    1. owl



  4. Hello and welcome!!! i hope you have a good time
  5. omg im doing a final project on caravaggio and...this guy....was Weird


    his paintings were super gay but also he just straight-up Killed A Guy so

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  6. hi!!! its great that youre here hope you have fun
  7. this is so #aesthetic i love it
  8. tbh i love stucky? its great and i would honestly love to see a trend toward 'this is a romantic same-sex couple, and this is an important het friendship' over 'but cant two guys just be friends???? meanwhile look at het pairing #2439023499 but LOOK this one has a ginger'
  9. ive got 2 essays due 2morrow and whoops ok im crying now

  10. ok so i realize that this series im promoting is literally based in a het romance, but the raven cycle has this amazing group dynamic between 5 teenagers with terrible coping mechanisms who live in virginia and do magic and stuff? the friendship that is the gangsey just... gives me Life and it lets me ignore the main romance between the Special Guy and the Main Girl more easily than otherwise tbh i love it because all of these characters are total disasters #.# but each of them is basically devoted to the rest of them and i Die
  11. uuuuggggggghh i take it back i cant do my gd solo im gonna cry

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      good luck if you haven't done it yet!

    2. breaddd


      ^^ also, you'll do great

    3. peridotty


      no like i ccan t acutally play it its not possible to ge tht e accompaniment to gether w the solo part in time i was r lly looking forward to thiss

  12. peridot - olivine - mineral - chemical formula - atom - matter - light - electromagnetic radiation - radiant energy - radiometry - measurement - natural science - science - knowledge - awareness - consciousness - quality - philosophy 17 away! seems to be a trend
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