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  1. Ngl but all the aphobia I've been seeing is becoming draining. Not to mention that my /best friend/ is blatantly aphobic.Sighs. I am. Tired. 

  2. I'm not sure what to put :0
  3. Let's see I'm a bad aro because: 1.) I never thought I was broken. Nope, I always thought I just hadn't met the right person yet and that it would all click when I did. I like to think that another reason is that I haven never been asked out before. I'm not exactly a conventionally attractive woman, being on the chubbier side and all. I'm learning to see the beauty in my body, but kids don't usually see that so no one ever asked me out and since I had no romantic feelings for anyone I never asked anyone out myself. 2.) I'm fine with Valentines Day. Actually, I was born on Valentines Day so I don't really have a reason to dislike it anyway lmao and no, the irony of an aromantic being born a day dedicated to romance has not been lost on me 3.) I like reading about love, writing about love, and seeing romance in media. I'm a shipper. I will not deny that. And I've never had a problem with romance. Do I despise how it's shoved down our throats constantly from the moment we're born? Absolutely. 4.) I'm not sure I've ever had squishes. So yeah. That's what I got off the top of my head lmao
  4. I think the biggest thing for me was that I never had crushes. Like, I look back now and it all makes sense but, back before I started identifying as aro I used to tell myself that I just hadn't met the right person. My mom used to ask me if I had crushes on any boys at my school and I would always say no 'cause they were "Not good looking or annoying" or whatever else I thought could justify to the both of us why I wasn't interested. One occasion I always think back to is laying on the floor in my mom's room and we were watching Drake and Josh. I guess my mom made some comment about me having a crush on one of the lead actors, Drake Bell, and after that I remember laying on the floor and trying to convince myself I liked him. I can even remember trying the "wistful lovestruck sigh" you see in movies. I gave up trying cause it obviously didn't work. idk it's just funny to me that in hindsight it just suddenly all makes sense
  5. So today after a whole bunch of debating with myself I decided to make an AroAce positivity blog! Obviously, I want to help spread positive vibes and support my fellow aroaces (and of course people who are only one or are elsewhere on the A spectrum), but I also felt like I needed a place to vent my aro and ace related feelings. I felt like this was the best option! I wanted to get it out there and let people know it exists so here I am! This is the blog! http://aroace-positivity.tumblr.com/ Please consider taking a look and/or following if you are interested! Thank you! -Rose : D
  6. @omitef lmao possibly! And yeah that's definitely true! I've already come such a long way towards accepting who I am! @Simowl Yeah! I definitely hope so!! : D Nice to meet you too!
  7. So I'm not quite sure how to go about this so I'm just gonna wing it ^u^ Hi! I'm Aurore214 or Rose if you would prefer. I'm 18 years old and an AroAce. I've identified as asexual since I was 16 and spent quite a bit of time trying to pin down my romantic orientation. It wasn't long before I began hesitantly identifying as Aro. I think it was maybe a few months after I discovered Asexuality. Five maybe? I can't be too sure. I had a bit of trouble accepting that and I'm still working on it! I was so excited when I saw the link to this forum on Tumblr because I've never actually met another person like me! I'm glad I have a chance to rectify that uwu! I'm a little shy but I love to meet new people and would love to chat if anyone is interested! -Rose : D
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