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What would you say to your younger self?

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"Those books you felt like reading but procrastinated reading them? Read them now!
When your sis asks you to start watch Shadowhunter with her, read the books first! They are called The Shadowhunter Chronicles.
Read the Percy Jackson books. You won't regret it!
Do your best to make good friends, ask your sis for advice cuz she is good at it!
Stop riding Buna and start training with a klicker instead (a form of horsetraining, not sure what it's called in English) from the ground. It will be good for both of you! Make sure that your training together is funny and that she gets to work with her brain - it's the best for her!
And something very important - look up the terms "Asexual" and "Aromantic" asap (as soon as possible, since you didn't know what it stood for a while ago...). It will be good for you! Take pride in who you are.
Wait with coming out a little and think first, I know you suck at social things but please, try thinking some extra before you do social stuff!
See if you can get checked for Asperger's a little earlier. But please wait until you have started 7th grade because that school you are in before sucks.
Oh, and I know things felt like crap at that first school, and no I don't know if we'll ever be free of that time and what it did to us, but things will get better.
Chose Germany to study instead of French. French is impossible.
I guess I should also write some happy stuff about how everything will turn out well but who the fuck am I to know that? I managed without some older variation of me telling me advice, so you should too. Grow up and stop depending on someone else to give you the answers. *******.
Yeah yeah fine good luck or whatever."

(please never let me send advice to my younger self....)

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Research your brain. Your school notices your anger management issues and tries to deal with them at a surface level because that is what they need to sort out to run smoothly. If you want to work out what is really going on in there you will have to do it yourself.

put some effort in a diet right the hell now, you will have to deal with that later and the longer you leave it the more difficult getting healthy will become.

You have a kink, you will be unsure how to approach this for decades to come but for now just know that it is fine and you aren't some sort of freak. You will be much happier when you accept that and be open with yourself about finding pornography which works for you by the way.

Oh, and Leicester win the prem in 2016, that should sort out the student debt

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Posted (edited)

Get a better psychologist and put real effort into the therapy, it's hard but will make life so much better.

Do the things you are frightened of, don't let anxiety hold you back. 

Care less what other people think of you, their opinions really don't matter and most probably have barely even noticed your existence anyway.

Buy bitcoin.

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